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I have stayed here several times the past few years for a conference. The hotel used to offer good catered food, a really good breakfast at their restaurant on site, and clean, comfortable rooms.Recently, they have discontinued breakfast, the catered food has gotten much worse, the service seems to have fewer staff so water and coffee were constantly empty. The pet policy has decreased cleanliness. The furniture arrangement was dangerous in our room, and the bed so spring-worn that it was an uncomfortable joke.I used to recommend this place, but no more. The only thing it has going for it is location.

- Sightsee59862350593

Do not stay here.

Rude staff, non-working electronics. Non-working shower. Very limited bathroom outlets. Terrible lighting. Marginal towels. Good location. Easy access to many areas of Bellevue and Seattle. Easy parking.

- FarAway28179


It was okay considering I needed a hotel room last minute in a pinch. Rooms are rather dated, bad carpet and furniture. But a nice sink/vanity area if that’s your thing. The lobby looks much nicer than the rooms.

- joannamarie2018

Not worth the money

If you want a cheap room you got it. Staff was kind and amazing. Place is clean. The place smells like water damage, loud, horrible food for the free breakfast and the restaurant food is gross. Food was soggy, cold and we went to Jack in the Box for dinner after we left. Again not the staff fault. The place is just cheap. Bathroom is tiny, shower head puts out no water and the tub is built for a toddler. Not what we expected at all.

- westandwindy

Good Enough for a Quick Stay But Could Use Some Updating

The room was relatively clean, meaning the floors, furniture and bathroom were all cleaned. There were a few areas that need more attention though… There was a fair amount of strands of hair, both on top of and below the bed sheets (to the point that I could see long strands of hair outlined below the fitted sheet and inside the pillow case). The chairs in the room are worn and almost look dirty… enough so that I wouldn’t necessarily sit on them.There were also cobwebs in a few corners of the ceiling… which will lead into my the rest of my review below, about comfort.The bed and pillows were comfortable, though I spread a t-shirt over them, after seeing the hair inside the pillow case. My next issue was the two (nickel sized) spiders which I saw crawling around. Now, I’m not a fan of spiders so, even after getting rid of them, I was a bit concerned that more would be crawling around while I slept.I was on the first floor, looking out to the courtyard, so it’s possible that’s where they came from.I think the rooms need some updating. I can tell that the bathroom area at the entrance to the room has been updated, but the carpets, wallpaper, furniture need to be next in line.

- djdj2020