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eCoast Meetings

Coast Hotels makes it easy to be kind to the environment while you go about your business. Our U.S. & Canada business hotels offer the eCoast Meetings program as our commitment to ensuring you have all the resources you need to hold a productive meeting, while also making it easy to hold a green meeting too.

When you choose an eCoast Meeting, your benefits include:


Recycled Flip Chart Paper or White Boards

Recycled paper is a small change that is easy to implement in any meeting—yet it can have a huge impact. You may even choose to go paperless altogether and use our ample white boards.


Plastic-Free Food and Beverage Service

You’ll find pitchers and glasses instead of plastic water bottles, and reusable plates and cups.


Recycling and Compost Bins

Bins will be placed throughout the meeting facility to encourage attendees to recycle and reduce waste.


Recycled Notepads

We make recycled notepads available for those that need them.


For more info, connect with our sales team at 1.877.324.8110 or