waimea plantation

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Hswaiian paradise

Our favorite place in all of Hawaii. We loved the authentic cottage, the wandering chickens and peaceful atmosphere. This is what we envisioned a tropical paradise to be! Stay here if you can! Feel the gentle breeze when you open the door!

- BackPacker316636

A step back in time.

Ready to slow down and relax with out all the Corporate resort going’s on, then the Waimea Plantation Cottages is the destination. This beautiful property is on the west side of the island away from all the big city go, go, go! Sitting at the foot of the Waimea Canyon this visit to the past has broad appeal to all looking for a true get away to slow down and recharge. Plenty to do and see or not, it’s up to you.

- Excursion10822480516

Rustic "Old Hawaii" cabins

Pro’s: Green grounds, gorgeous banyan and other trees on grounds; clean rooms with white sheets and towels; v. casual restaurant with friendly service and good BBQ but no local specialties or fish; proximity to Waimea Canyon
Con’s: Rustic “Old Hawaii” 60′s era cabins with no insulation, no maid service, no dishwasher, no heating; leaky jalousie windows in (really old) bathroom and entry way, no king beds in 1-bedroom cabins (not enough room for one)

- Tannenbaum10

Possible to Experience This Place Even When Passing Through

After viewing Waimea Canyon we were looking for a place to eat and decided to go to the restaurant here, Chicken In A Barrel. The restaurant had super good BBQ chicken and onion rings, but the slaw was spicy which we didn’t care for and the mac salad needed more mayo. We ate on the deck overlooking the beautiful grounds on the premises. After lunch, we strolled to the adjacent beach through the grassy, tree-filled grounds. We thought the cottages,lined on each side, were attractive and many were ocean front or had ocean views. This is a good place to sit under a shade tree and watch the ocean or sit on a rail, or take in a beach walk. We went to the office for a brochure on cottage rentals and looked up their web site. The cottages seemed comfortable with a nice decor, at a reasonable price. Plus, the weather in winter in this area is more predictably sunny than other parts of Kauai. We will consider staying here in the future.

- bucketlistretiree

A Slice of History

The cottages are part of the old plantation housing and have not been updated which was the attraction and the charm for us. it felt like we had gone back in time, in a beautiful peaceful setting, grounds preserved, trees majestic in their size, and the posted speed limit “Relaxed”. We loved our two nights there. I disagree with those who say it needs an update. If that is your desire, then seek out a chain, like those back home. There’s a reason we go away and that is to leave the ordinary behind.

- NikiG1948