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a coast hotel - burbank, california

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rating for this hotel's Cleanliness, 4.5/5 Cleanliness
rating for this hotel's Sleep Quality, 4.0/5 Sleep Quality
rating for this hotel's Value, 4.0/5 Value
rating for this hotel's Service, 4.5/5 Service
rating for this hotel's Location, 4.5/5 Location
rating for this hotel's Rooms, 4.0/5 Rooms
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Their customer service is AWFUL

The service at this place was appalling. Stay elsewhere!

Starting at check-in I was told you have to call in every day if you want your room cleaned. Normally this is automatic, especially if you have a dog, and you would think in times of pandemics they might prioritize cleaning. In my experience, housekeeping is automatic and you call if you DON’T want service.

Next, their wifi service is abysmal. If you have to work or do more than stream a low quality YouTube video, you’ll need to head elsewhere.

Finally, after staying 5 nights on my last night, I brought a small UHaul trailer as I was getting on the road first thing in the morning. I then get a call from the front office telling me that I can’t park it on the lot. Keep in mind, there is hardly anyone staying here and there was plenty of parking space – no one would be inconvenienced in any way. I explain that I just loaded up and am trying to keep it safe. They then said “the owner saw you pull in on camera and told us to tell you not to park there”. I explained my concern over security, offered to pay for parking, but no. They didn’t want to call their creeper of an owner back who was watching cameras in the middle of the day. I get it if no one is around, but a staffed motel with 4 customers? Odd. Makes you wonder where else they might have cameras.

Bottom line – you’d think an independent business would go out of their way to provide the best service and experience during a global pandemic, but instead this place ranked #1 as the worst on my trip. The place feels dated, the street is a major street so it’s loud in the rooms from traffic noise, the AC adds a bunch more noise as well.

I’ll never be back, I highly recommend looking elsewhere for accommodations.

- cosmoj248

Loved the Safari Inn

Wow! What a great place to stay! I just needed somewhere for one night, and I was super excited to find the Safari Inn. The price was right, and the staff and room were great! I loved the fun retro style of the hotel. The remodeled decor was fabulous! The front desk staff were just the absolute kindest of all! I was so thankful for Ivan and Randy’s help!

- surfingreed

A throwback to the old days with comfort!

If you want to relax in a low keyed place, this is for you. It is located very close to the airport, transportation and the studio attractions. I’ll definitely be returning there! Don’t hesitate staying there. You will not regret it.

- sanfranjulian

Will dirty your room and cheat you out of money for it.

The Safari Inn people had me wait outside while they cleaned the room; this strange man came in and stayed there a while before I was allowed back in. When I got back, there was a small dirt smudge on the bedspread that wasn’t there before, but I didn’t think much of it as I was able to wipe it clean easily. A few minutes later, the front office called and insisted I would have to check out in the morning as my chihuahua had “damaged” the room. When I went to the office to talk to them, they insisted my dog had caused the stain on the bedspread; I didn’t think that seemed fair as my dog was sleeping on the other bed, and anyway I was able to blot the stain clean. They insisted that I check out in the morning, and rather than refund the rest of my stay, they kept the $300+ THE entire balance left as “payment” for the bedspread. I left that day to another hotel because I didn’t want to stay where I cannot trust the office staff.

- bdthedell

Good for the value

Location is great. Very close to Universal Studios and restaurants in the area. FREE PARKING..Room was clean, spacious. Looked like a motel room but the flooring etc had been upgraded. AC unit should be upgraded as well as either the room was too cold or too hot. Beds are not very comfortable but again for the value that you pay it is expected? Front desk staff were very friendly and nice!

- awarriach