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a coast hotel - burbank, california

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rating for this hotel's Cleanliness, 4.5/5 Cleanliness
rating for this hotel's Sleep Quality, 4.0/5 Sleep Quality
rating for this hotel's Value, 4.0/5 Value
rating for this hotel's Service, 4.5/5 Service
rating for this hotel's Location, 4.5/5 Location
rating for this hotel's Rooms, 4.0/5 Rooms
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A Retro Gem - Don't tell Anyone

The Safari Inn has a cool, retro vibe outside, modern rooms with all of today’s necessities. Friendly front desk staff. The location is in a safe neighborhood with shopping and dining choices within walking distance. There is a nearby transit stop but also free parking. I almost hate to share this gem.

- traintourdirector

Live for today.

Safari Inn great place to stay. First front desk staff Gloria / Ivan are great very polite make you feel like at home second the place is clean I’m talking about interior / exterior when you walk in to the room you feel the freshness of a clean room. Great place to stay for business or pleasure..

- djmr73

Great stay at historical SAFARI INN where great staff made a big difference!

This is an awesome hotel to stay at. Very cozy, staff very friendly, compliant with COVID standards and expectations, great location! The view is magnificent – california palm trees and mountains. Donut shop around the corner had excellent coffee and breakfast!

- Andrew C

Cute Hotel - But Taking Your Money Is More Important Than Hospitality

BE WARNED. This is NOT the cute little independent hotel you may think it is. I don’t know how many other hotels the Safari Inn management company runs, but stay FAR AWAY from “Coast Hotels.” The “Coast Hotels” are all about nickle & dimeing you & not providing hospitality, which is weird because… that’s their INDUSTRY. Their idea of “customer service” is a joke.

I have stayed in countless hotels & motels & inns & everything in between, & I have NEVER been treated as poorly as I was at the Safari Inn. Their mentality is, “We have your card number, we’re gonna charge you, get bent.”
!!!!Despite the fact that I tried to be the easiest, most accommodating guest ever, I was treated like an inconvenience at every turn!!!!
These people really do not care.
They are RUDE.

– After 2 nights, I was ready to leave, because their pet fees are exorbitant. I was being charged $25 per cat per night (& them being ESAs didn’t matter). I was ready to leave to find something cheaper, when the front desk agent told me I wouldn’t be charged any more because it’s $100 max pet fees. I go to check out & am smugly told it’s $100 max PER PET.
When I asked to speak to the manager, the front desk agent initially refused, then told me the manager was out, then said she’d call the manager for me, then FINALLY gave me a fake number for the manager. I was only able to speak to the manager via the front desk phone, & she was even RUDER than the front desk agent. When I told her I knew how the system worked & therefore didn’t want to hear what she “could see if she could do,” because she was the manager (& I’ve worked in service industries before), she literally snapped at me, “Well we could give you your entire stay for free but that’s not how business works.” Is that what I asked for??!!?!?
– Deposit was $400 (!?!??!??!??!?!!?!?)
– I am working remotely & on eastern time. On my last day, I was hoping to stay in the room a little later than usual so I could finish my work day at the room desk & with the in-room WiFi, which was decent. Check out is at 12, which is already pretty early for a place this expensive, & can only be delayed until 1:00 p.m. When I asked if it would by chance be possible to stay until 2:00 p.m. (keep in mind I had been there 5 days!!!!) I was told “No. Our policy is what it is. You will be charged $65 for a half day.”
WHAT?!?!?! I saw the parking lot! I know they weren’t full! One hour of compassion would have changed so much of my opinion of this place but, as I said before. Hospitality is NOT what these people are about.
– I never once asked for my room to be cleaned, & specifically asked to have my room left alone, because I wanted to protect the facilities staff during the pandemic. I was always polite & prompt whenever I spoke to anyone. This was never acknowledged when I tried to get even a little lenience or accommodation; in fact, I was treated like a nuisance.
– “Checking out” pool towels, you’re treated like a common criminal, which is ridiculous considering the towels have holes in them anyway.
– The pool is great but people walking by will sometimes make comments when you’re just trying to enjoy yourself which is… uncomfortable.
– The deposit was $400 (??!??!?!!?!!?) and I’m STILL waiting for that charge to come off my card.
– The AC sounds like an old tractor & makes it impossible to relax.
– The TV is super glitchy, laggy, & closed captioning doesn’t work.
– Never got a “Do Not Disturb” sign for my room despite asking multiple times.
– The only “housekeeping” I asked for was to have my trash can empties & usually that would take several hours.
– People can apparently hang out with their cars open & have music blasting in the parking lot for hours & that’s fine & dandy, but gods forbid you make any actual requests of the staff.

- arcviv

Their customer service is AWFUL

The service at this place was appalling. Stay elsewhere!

Starting at check-in I was told you have to call in every day if you want your room cleaned. Normally this is automatic, especially if you have a dog, and you would think in times of pandemics they might prioritize cleaning. In my experience, housekeeping is automatic and you call if you DON’T want service.

Next, their wifi service is abysmal. If you have to work or do more than stream a low quality YouTube video, you’ll need to head elsewhere.

Finally, after staying 5 nights on my last night, I brought a small UHaul trailer as I was getting on the road first thing in the morning. I then get a call from the front office telling me that I can’t park it on the lot. Keep in mind, there is hardly anyone staying here and there was plenty of parking space – no one would be inconvenienced in any way. I explain that I just loaded up and am trying to keep it safe. They then said “the owner saw you pull in on camera and told us to tell you not to park there”. I explained my concern over security, offered to pay for parking, but no. They didn’t want to call their creeper of an owner back who was watching cameras in the middle of the day. I get it if no one is around, but a staffed motel with 4 customers? Odd. Makes you wonder where else they might have cameras.

Bottom line – you’d think an independent business would go out of their way to provide the best service and experience during a global pandemic, but instead this place ranked #1 as the worst on my trip. The place feels dated, the street is a major street so it’s loud in the rooms from traffic noise, the AC adds a bunch more noise as well.

I’ll never be back, I highly recommend looking elsewhere for accommodations.

- cosmoj248