Burbank accessible hotel rooms

Here at Coast we believe your starstruck vacation should be limitless. We strive to provide our guests the right surroundings to relax & reload. Upon Arrival, you’ll notice our hotel is located just under 4 miles from Universal Studios and 10 miles from Dodger Stadium making it the ideal starting location to start your Hollywood adventure in Burbank. Traveling can be taxing; we want to ensure you are making the right choice when booking a hotel.

when you arrive

We have two accessible parking spots for our guests. Both are conveniently located next to the main entrance of the hotel, allowing you to come-and-go with ease. The parking spot is 8 feet wide and accompanied with an adjacent 8-foot accessible aisle to give you the extra room you need to exit and enter your vehicle.

our building

Our lobby doors will open a full 90 degrees with a 36” clearance space to pass through. Once inside, there is 41” beyond the swing of the door with direct access to our front desk. Our reception counter is set lower so that our wheelchair guests can access it while checking-in. Our service devices such as the payment terminals are also portable to increase the ease of your service.

Our guest elevator has a total space measurement of 60” by 77” proving lots of space inside once the doors are closed. The buttons are conveniently lower with the top button 36″ off the elevator floor.

Our pool has handrails alongside the stairs to assist guests with entering and exiting the pool.

our accessible guest rooms

Our guest room doors have been modified to easily open using one hand. They swing a full 90 degrees inwards and have a 36” clearance space to pass through. The guest room doors have not been modified to close slowly.

The middle of the room is easily accessible as the furniture in the room is set to the side. You will have easy access to the window to close the shades. Our beds are 24” off the floor and have 32” of clearance space between the bed and the nearest wall. At the Safari Inn you’ll never be left in the dark; the bedside table includes a lamp that features an on and off switch on the base of the unit and a power outlet for our guest to charge a portable device such as a mobile phone.

Other ADA amenities include:

low mirror
lower curtain pulls
lower peep hole
lower closet rods
access to heating controls no higher than 48” above the ground
a work desk that is 34” above the floor
a fire alarm that flashes with audible signals
our accessible in-suite restroom
Ease of movement and maneuvering clearance were worked into the design of our restrooms. There is 36” of clearance space to enter the restroom with more than 18” maneuvering space beside the toilet and nearest obstacle.

The sink and vanity are 34” off the floor and our faucets can be turned off and on with ease; no tight grasp or twist required. Our restroom amenities such as the hair dryer, extra towels and towel racks are placed on a low shelf which is accessible for our wheelchair guests.

Our toilet sits no higher than 19” off the floor. There are two mounted grab bars; one on the wall beside the toilet and another on the rear wall. Both sit 35” above the floor.

We have one accessible room with a roll-in shower and a built-in bench. There are two horizontal grab bars situated around the shower that are 35” from the floor. The water nozzles are 48” from the floor and in reach for someone who is using the built-in bench.

Our other accessible rooms have tubs with a built-in bench and a horizontal grab bars 35” from the floor. The water nozzles are also easily accessible to guests using the bench.

Bed in hotel room
accessible guest room

Our hotel offers one accessible room type. Our accessible room offers all of the same amenities with in-room features built to accommodate individuals with limited mobility. For a complete overview, visit our Coast Accessible King room page.