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At Coast Hotels, Safety Comes First

At Coast Hotels we’re well known for our friendly service. While a welcoming home-away-from-home stay is always our goal, currently we’re extremely mindful of the world-wide focus on the 2019 Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19. Coast Hotels takes our responsibility with COVID-19 very seriously. At this time travel safety and travel flexibility are our top priority.

Your Travel Flexibility

If you are looking to book accommodation with Coast Hotels, you can book with confidence knowing that our Best Available Rate is fully cancellable up to 24-hours in advance of your stay date. In this ever evolving COVID-19 situation, embracing the flexibility of our cancellable rate options is prudent.

Should you have an existing reservation (made before March 12, 2020) Coast Hotels will accept cancellation of both group and individual bookings, for stays between March 12 – June 30, 2020.

In cases where a booking has been prepaid, or a deposit has been accepted for a group booking, the deposit will be held as a credit for one calendar year – to be applied to a future booking or function. The calendar year associated with credit will align with the cancellation date.

For larger group bookings, preparations and ordering of goods begins well in advance of group arrival. In cases of group cancellation, where expenses have been borne by the property on the group’s behalf, the group is advised to contact the property directly to address expenses/charges.

Should you have booked a Coast Hotels property through an online travel agent (OTA), such as Expedia or, please contact that company directly in order to complete a cancellation or change, according to the terms, conditions and policy of that organization.

For our Coast Rewards members, we value your ongoing loyalty and want to continue to show appreciation, though the current travel environment may limit your ability to enjoy stays with us. Coast Hotels will pause expiration of points scheduled to expire between March 12 – June 30, 2020. We will also be evaluating tier-status, to ensure you are well apprised of requirements for earning status as well as any allowances and adjustments associated with this pandemic period. Should you have a Rewards Redemption Certificate that you would like to address, we ask you to call Coast Rewards at 1.800.549.9099 or email

Your Travel Safety

At Coast Hotels we have developed COVID-19 best practices and processes which are implemented at all of our properties, along with honoring and aligning with the recommendations from their local health authority

1. Cleaning Protocols

Coast Hotels tracks the cleanliness of its properties through regular audits and through your guest post-trip survey scores. Our hotels are very competitive about their scores, as the properties take great pride in maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for guests. While Coast Hotels’ regular cleaning protocols are rigorous, Coast Hotels has put additional protocols in place during this period where the containment of COVID-19 is paramount. Properties have been advised to increase the frequency of cleaning key public spaces, wiping down frequently touched items such as elevator buttons and door handles with a bleach-containing, virus-killing formulas.

2. Coast Hotels Ambassador (a.k.a. Employee) Travel

Until such time as the World Health Organization (WHO) identifies COVID-19 as contained, Coast Hotels has asked its ambassadors to delay or cancel any travel which would take our ambassadors into geographies that the federal government has placed on travel advisory, or where travel will require them to connect through an airport in a travel advisory area. Should ambassadors choose to maintain travel plans to affected areas, ambassadors have been advised that they will not be able to return to work until they can provide medical confirmation of their health status clearance.

3. Unwell Guests or Ambassadors

We have advised our Coast Hotels ambassadors to stay home if they are exhibiting symptoms that align with COVID-19. Should an ambassador start to show symptoms of COVID-19 while at work, the ambassador will be instructed to immediately don an N-95 mask, return home directly, and swiftly contact their doctor, local health authority or, in some geographic areas telehealth services (e.g. Healthlink service is available in BC, AB and SK by dialing 811). Any affected work areas and equipment will immediately be sanitized.

Should a guest at the hotel be identified as unwell, the General Manager or designate will contact the individual to determine if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 including:

  • Headache
  • High fever
  • Fatigue/drowsiness
  • Sore throat, cough, chest congestion, difficulty breathing
  • Muscle aches and pain

They will also confirm whether the individual has:

  • Been to an affected area recently
  • Been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19

If two or more of the identified symptoms and/or situations are true for the individual, the individual will be asked to self-isolate in their guestroom, and a doctor will be contacted on their behalf so that the individual can be evaluated. Ambassadors who have had contact will be asked to don masks, leave work, and affected areas and equipment will be sanitized.

Should a Coast Hotels guest or ambassador be identified as having a confirmed case of COVID-19, the local health authority will be immediately contacted, and the property will follow all associated direction from their local health authority.

4. Personal Hygiene Best Practices

All ambassadors have been advised of best practices associated with minimizing exposure and spread of germs and associated illnesses. Diligence in regular hand washing, the use of anti-bacterial formulas, coughing or sneezing into their sleeve (never hands) and minimizing face touching has been communicated to our ambassadors.

COVID-19 presents a challenge for businesses such as Coast Hotels, where human interaction and connection is at the heart of what we do. We understand the necessity of prioritizing travel safety and travel flexibility at this time. Still, our goal is to respect the processes and protocols while ensuring a warm and welcoming experience. Two of Coast Hotels’ core values are living with honour and acting with fairness. In these difficult times we are leaning into these values as we aim to ensure both you, our guest, and our amazing team of ambassadors is treated with respect. We thank you for your understanding and we wish you good health and safe travels – now and in the future.