Coast Rewards Terms & Conditions

The following information forms the basis of participation in the Coast Rewards™ membership Program (“Program”). These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are intended to protect the members of Coast Rewards (“Members”), and Coast Hotels Ltd. (“Coast Hotels” or “we”). Participation in this program will be governed by these Terms and Conditions. By enrolling in the Coast Rewards Program, the Member agrees:

  • that you have fully read, understand and accept these Terms and Conditions
  • that you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal data by Coast Hotels, the Program, participating properties and partner programs in accordance with the Coast Hotels privacy policy

These Terms and Conditions supersede all previous Terms and Conditions applicable to the Program. Except as otherwise expressly prohibited or limited by applicable laws, Coast Hotels may at any time amend, modify or supplement these Terms and Conditions, the structure for earning awards and award levels at, with or without notice even if such changes affect the value of points, or the ability to obtain certain awards. Members are responsible for remaining knowledgeable of the Terms and Conditions and any Terms and Conditions changes. Your continued participation in the Program will constitute your acceptance of any such Terms and Conditions changes.

All interpretations of the Program Terms and Conditions shall be at the sole discretion of Coast Hotels.


The Coast Rewards Program membership and its benefits are administered by Coast Hotels Ltd. located at 700 – 535 Thurlow Street, Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3L2.

The Program gives Members the opportunity to earn and redeem Coast Rewards Points (“Points”) as outlined in this document at participating owned, managed and franchised hotels operating under the Coast Hotels brand and are bookable through the website (“Participating Hotel”). Participating hotels within the Coast Hotels portfolio are subject to change at any time, without notice. Please consult our hotels listing on to determine participation.


Coast Rewards Membership is free and available to any individual who possesses the authority to agree to the Terms & Conditions; provides valid and accurate personal information upon program enrollment, is not already a Coast Rewards Member and has not been previously terminated from the Coast Rewards Program.


All Coast Rewards member accounts are individual accounts, and no joint accounts are permitted. Coast Rewards Program benefits are non-transferable unless expressly stated otherwise. Individuals who are not yet Members may enroll in the Program as a new Member online at, by requesting enrolment through our central reservations phone line or at any Participating Hotel front desk. Coast Hotels may deny membership to the loyalty program at its sole discretion without written notice.

After applying to the Program, a membership account will be opened, and a Membership ID will be assigned to each applicant. Upon receiving this Membership ID, an individual becomes a Member eligible to earn points or any other currency issued by Coast Rewards point earning partners. Further details are outlined in the section marked “Partners”. Points will only be issued for stays completed after the Members’ enrolment date. Points will not be retroactively applied for any stays completed prior to enrolment in the Program.

Information provided by a Member will be maintained in a personal membership profile with the membership account. All information provided by a Member in his/her personal profile must be valid and accurate. It is the Members’ responsibility that this information be kept current through the Members account on

Partners & Partner Currencies

Coast Hotels partners with other membership programs (“Partners”). Our Partners are Aeroplan, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, More Rewards and APA Member. Points earned in connection with the partner are subject to these Loyalty Program Terms and Conditions along with any applicable terms and conditions of the partner. Coast Hotels may from time to time add other Partners. For a list of current Partners and points/miles amounts earned with our Partners, please visit

Though memberships are initially set up to earn Coast Rewards points, a Member may select to earn points with one of Coast Hotels partners. A Member may not earn more than one currency of points/miles for the same stay. A Member may switch their earning preference at any time by updating their Member account at or by requesting an update through a Coast Hotels Ambassador at a Participating Hotel, or by calling our Member Services line at 1.800.549.9099.

Coast Rewards Tier Levels

Coast Rewards offers five different levels of membership status (“Tier Level”) (Pink, Purple, Silver, Gold and Platinum). Members are enrolled at the Pink Tier Level. In order to achieve Purple, Silver Gold or Platinum status the Member must accumulate the required number of nights in one calendar year. In order for a Member to maintain an achieved Tier Level, they must continue to earn the required amount of nights each year. For nightly qualifications and re-qualification of the Tier Levels, see the chart below:

Nights Qualification:

One night per calendar year

Nights Qualification:
Five nights

Five nights per calendar year

Nights Qualification:
10 nights

10 nights per calendar year

Nights Qualification:
20 nights

20 nights per calendar year

Nights Qualification:
30 nights

30 nights per calendar year

Once a Member achieves Purple, Silver, Gold or Platinum Status, the Member will maintain that status until the end of the calendar year, plus one year after. For example, if a Member stays 10 nights by December 1st, 2022, the Member will gain Silver status until the end of2022 and for one more full year until December 31, 2023. The Member must continue to meet the re-qualification thresholds indicated in the chart above to maintain that Tier Level for the following years.

Each higher Tier Level earns points at a slightly faster rate as described in the section titled “Earning Points” and permits access to more Member benefits. The benefits associated with each Tier Level Can be found on

The Coast Rewards program does not status match with other hospitality loyalty programs or any other Tier Level based Memberships.

Earning Points

Coast Rewards points, or any currency issued by Coast Hotels Partners can be earned for hotel stays only at Participating Hotels. If a hotel ceases to be a Participating Hotel, all stays subsequent to such date will not be eligible to earn Points/Partner currency regardless of when the reservation was made. Each Coast Rewards Member is responsible for reading the Program terms & conditions, email communications and program updates in order to understand their rights, responsibilities, and status in the Loyalty Program, as well as the structure for earning Awards.

To earn Points and nights credit towards Tier Status, a Member must be a registered, paying and staying guest at a Participating Hotel. The member must have booked directly through a Coast Hotels branded booking channel (, Central Reservations or the Member Services phone line or directly through a Participating Hotel). Members may also receive credit by booking through an accredited retail Travel Agent professional. Stays booked through online travel agencies (“OTAs”) and their affiliates such as,, etc. are not eligible to receive points or nightly credit; no exceptions will be made.

A Member may earn points for their own room only. Points will be earned for all eligible folio charges incurred on their individual hotel reservation. Eligible charges include qualifying rates for stays, food and beverage charges and other incidental charges charged to the Member’s room during the Member’s stay. Any taxes or other such charges are not eligible for Points credit. Dining room charges and other charges not billed to a Member’s room during a stay are not eligible for Points credit. Some Participating Hotels may omit, for purposes of point accrual, incidental charges by non-affiliated hotel entities which are not owned and or operated by the hotel including but not limited to, food and beverage outlets, gift shops and spa outlets.

Points will be awarded based on dollar spend as follows:

  • One Point for every pre-tax dollar that is incurred and paid for by Pink Tier level Members on qualifying charges will be awarded to the Member’s account one day after checkout.
  • 1.1 Points for every pre-tax dollar that is incurred and paid for by Purple Tier level Members on qualifying charges will be awarded to the Member’s account one day after checkout.
  • 1.2 Points for every pre-tax dollar that is incurred and paid for by Silver Tier level Members on qualifying charges will be awarded to the Member’s account one day after checkout.
  • 1.4 Points for every pre-tax dollar that is incurred and paid for by Gold Tier Level Members on qualifying charges will be awarded to the Member’s account one day after checkout.
  • Three Points for every pre-tax dollar that is incurred and paid for by Platinum Tier Level Members on qualifying charges will be awarded to the Member’s account one day after checkout.

Points are based on the total eligible dollar spend regardless of whether the spent amount is in Canadian or U.S. dollars.

A Member whose individual hotel bill is billed directly to a company, and the Member is responsible for authorization for settlement at check-out, is eligible for Points. However, group master-billing arrangements, where charges for multiple rooms are placed on one hotel bill and billed to a company or common address or settled at check-out by one individual, are not eligible for Points. Incidental charges (those charged to a Member's room) paid for directly by the Member at check-out are eligible for Points credit. Incidental charges billed to a master bill are not eligible for Points credit.

If a Member believes he or she did not receive Points or the correct amount of points for a hotel stay, the Member must submit a written request for such credits by emailing Coast Rewards Member Services at Failure to supply adequate and unaltered documentation may result in denial of the Points credit. For the Member’s protection, all hotel travel documentation should be retained by the Member until the Points credit appears in his or her Coast Rewards account. Requests must be received within six months from the check-out date.

Accrued Coast Rewards points are not the property of the Member. Coast Rewards points do not carry any cash value outside of Coast Hotels property and cannot be sold or redeemed for cash.

Points Transfer

Points accrued are for the benefit of the Member only and may only be transferred in limited circumstances.

A Member may choose to authorize a transfer of points to a friend or family member. The member will initiate the Points transfer by contacting Member Services and notifying them of their intent to transfer points to a family member or friend. The Member will need to fill out a Friends and Family Points Transfer Form and submit it to Member Services. The friend or family member must enroll in the Coast Rewards program in order to create an account to receive the transferred points. Once the Transfer form is received and enrollment has been completed, a Coast Hotels ambassador will redeem the points from the Member’s and place them into the receiving Member's account. If the transfer form is not filled out and submitted, Coast Hotels will not have received authorization to redeem the Points on the Member’s behalf and the points will not be transferred.

In case of the death of a Member, Points in the Member’s account may be transferred to another active member upon Coast Hotels receipt and approval of certain requested documentation and information. To be eligible, a transfer must be requested, and all required documents and information provided within one year from the date of the Member’s death. Any transfer remains within the sole discretion of Coast Hotels. Any decision made by Coast Hotels in response to a request for transfer is final and not subject to further review or dispute. Tier Level status cannot be transferred to another Member.

Members must remain active in the Coast Rewards program to retain any Points they accumulate. Members can remain active in the Coast Rewards program by earning Points or miles or redeeming Points at least once every twenty-four (24) months. If a Member does not remain active through the actions specified above for a twenty-four month period, the Member’s account will be deactivated, and their Points will be forfeited. The Points cannot be reinstated, but a Member can earn new Points on their next stay which will automatically reactivate their account as a Pink Tier Level Member. Transferring Points does not count towards maintaining an active status.

Points or Miles issued by any of Coast Rewards earning partners, cannot be transferred, reversed or redeemed.

Points Redemption

Member may redeem full or partial Points as credit towards any upcoming reservation at Participating Hotels, certain awards, benefits, gift cards and travel packages. A full list of current Rewards Redemption items can be found on

A Member may choose to redeem for any of the items listed on by logging into their account and redeeming Points immediately from their account for any of the listed items.

Prior to September 28, 2022, Coast Rewards allowed Points redemption for One-Night Hotel Stay Vouchers or Upgrade Vouchers. Vouchers may be gifted to a non-member with permission from the Member. Stay Vouchers and Upgrade vouchers are only valid for one year after the redemption date and are expired and no longer useable past that date. Expiration dates cannot be extended. Once Issued, Rewards Vouchers cannot be reissued if lost, stolen or otherwise destroyed. Coast Hotels is not responsible for lost, stolen or destroyed Rewards Vouchers.

Reward Stay Reservations where a Rewards Voucher is used do not cover extra room charges or incidentals including but not limited to Room Service, Parking Fees or Pet Fees. Resort Fees and taxes are not covered by Reward Stay Reservations. Reward Stay Reservations where a voucher is used are not eligible for points or nights accrual.

A Member may also redeem Points towards the cost of future accommodations at any Coast Hotel as if they were cash, subject to these Terms & Conditions. To apply Coast Rewards Points, you must book a reservation online through the website or the Member Services phone line. Members must be logged into their Coast Rewards account online or provide their Member ID (email address) to a member services agent to apply their Points in the payment method section of the booking process at the time of booking and make a reservation at a participating hotel. Each Point carries a value of $0.04 CAD. If a Member has a minimum of 250 Coast Rewards Points available in their account equivalent to $10 CAD, they will have the option to apply Coast Rewards Points towards their reservation. The Member can either check the “Pay with Points” box or “enter a custom amount of points” and enter the available amount of Points they wish to apply and redeem. The Member will be responsible for paying any leftover balance when they check out. Any remaining, unused Coast Rewards Points can be applied to a future reservation prior to their expiration.

Coast Rewards Points can be applied towards room rates, add-ons, and extras including taxes and fees. If a Member cancels a reservation which has had Coast Rewards Points applied to it, those Points will automatically be returned to the Member’s account. Any no-show or cancellation made outside of the cancellation policy window will result in the member forfeiting their applied Coast Rewards Points. Members can earn Coast Rewards Points on reservations where Coast Rewards Points have been applied to the reservation. Coast Rewards Points earned cannot be applied to the same stay for which those Coast Rewards Points were earned.

An existing Reservation cannot be modified online. If a Member chooses to redeem Points towards their stay after the reservation has already been created, they can make their redemption request at the hotel at check-in time. As long as the Member has a minimum of 250 Points in their account, a Coast Hotels Ambassador can manually redeem Points towards all or a portion of the overall charges.

Points Expiration

Members must remain active in the Program to retain Points and nights accumulated. If a Member account is inactive for twenty four (24) consecutive months, that Member account will forfeit all accumulated Points. Members can remain active in the Program by performing an earning or redeeming action (“Member Activity”) at least once every twenty four (24) months. Once Points are forfeited, the Points cannot be reinstated. A Member can reactivate and begin earning new Points upon completion of their next eligible stay.

Member Activity can be further defined as each time a Member earns Points on an eligible stay or redeems Points on property or through the redemption catalogue on Members are given 90 days’ notice of deactivation via email starting at twenty one (21) months of inactivity, again at twenty two (22) months of inactivity and a third notice is given at twenty three (23) months of inactivity. If no action is taken to complete a Member Activity before the Member’s deactivation date, then the Member’s account will become inactive, and Points will be forfeited.

Each Member is responsible for remaining knowledgeable as to the Program Terms and Conditions and as to the number of Points in their account. Coast Hotels may attempt to but is not required to send correspondence to active Members to advise them of matters of interest, including notification of Point forfeiture or Program changes. Each Member is responsible for advising Coast Hotels of any changes to their contact information. Coast Hotels will not be liable for any failure to do so and will not be responsible for incorrect or inaccurate transcription of Member contact information, for problems related to any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized by the Member, for any human error, for any interruption, deletion, omission, defect, or line failure of any telephone network or electronic transmission, for problems relating to computer equipment, software, inability to access any website or on-line service, for any other technical or non-technical error or malfunction, for lost, late, stolen, illegible, incomplete, garbled, misdirected, mutilated or postage due mail or other mail or e-mail issues for whatever reason.

Cancelling a Member

Members may request to terminate their membership at any time. If a Member wishes to close their Coast Rewards account, they must submit an email request to Coast Rewards Member Services at Once the request is received, a Member Services Ambassador will terminate the Member’s account within 48 hours. Once cancelled, all Points will be forfeited, and the account will become obsolete. Cancellation requests cannot be reversed, and Points cannot be reimbursed.

Coast Hotels reserves the right to suspend or discontinue Coast Rewards membership for any Member who appears to be using the program in a manner inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions or intent of the Program or portion of the Program. Coast Hotels also reserves the right to discontinue membership with immediate effect and without written notice for any Member who Coast Hotels believes has:

  • Acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable local or federal laws or regulations.
  • Breached or violated any of these Program Terms and Conditions.
  • Engaged in fraudulent or dishonest behavior, theft, or misconduct in connection with the account.
  • Engaged in any abusive, disruptive, inappropriate, offensive or hostile conduct, whether physical, verbal or written in nature towards any Participating Hotel or their guests, or any Coast Hotel Ambassador.
  • Any other reason Coast Hotels feels would warrant the cancellation of Membership.

Discontinued Membership will result in the loss of all accumulated Points and the cancellation of any issued Coast Rewards vouchers, benefits and privileges associated with the Program and its tier levels.

Program Modification

Except as otherwise expressly prohibited or limited by applicable laws, Coast Hotels has the right to change, limit, modify or cancel the Coast Rewards Program, its rules and awards with or without notice even though the changes may affect the value of Points or the ability to obtain certain awards or benefit.

Coast Rewards may, among other things:

  • Increase or decrease the number of Points or miles that a Member may receive for a stay or the number of Points required for an award.
  • Withdraw, limit or cancel an award or benefit.
  • Add date restrictions, or limit room availability for any award or benefit.
  • Change program benefits, earning partners, locations served, conditions of participation, earning or redemption requirements or the use of awards.

Partner programs also reserve the right to modify their own programs, which may impact the expected awards and benefits under the Coast Rewards program.

Monitoring Membership Accounts

Coast Hotels reserves the right to monitor the accounts of all Members, at any time, without notice for compliance with the Coast Rewards program Terms & Conditions. Coast Hotels may review all Member’s Points, Qualifying Stays and transaction history including, without limitation, requests for Coast Rewards Points and awards and other benefits.