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Clean and functional!

Stayed here for a couple of nights. Everything was clean, functionally laid out and everyone was very nice to us. Loved that the hotel provided large bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion in the bathrooms. The heater worked well. And the hot tub was nice!

- Leah V

Acceptable place to stay at winter and off-season rates

I spent four nights here over the New Years Eve holiday- and paid summer-rates for my room. Although I wasn’t outright disappointed or displeased with the room, it certainly wasn’t worth the rate I paid for it. And I apparently got a discounted rate because the last day that I could cancel my room without penalty, I was sent an email informing me of the pet policy, and was advised that because I would be bringing a pet I required (and had been rebooked for) a “Superior Queen 2 Room” which was going to cost $20 per night more than the “Comfort 2 Queen room” I had originally booked. Plus, there would be an additional $25 per night pet fee.

By the time I read the email, it was late in the evening of my final day to cancel without penalty. I replied back that I couldn’t afford the extra $180 it was going to cost me (I could barely afford the original reservation!) so please change my booking back to what I originally agreed to and I would make other arrangements for my dogs.

Because I made this reservation about six weeks before my stay, the hotel had plenty of time to advise me of the pet policy and required room upgrade; there was no need to wait until the last day I could cancel free of charge.

I did like the fact that my room had a mini fridge- although I don’t know if this is standard in all rooms; although I asked to be rebooked at the standard room with the cheaper rate, the hotel stated they would allow me to stay in the upgraded room at the rate at which I originally agreed to. But honestly, I couldn’t say for sure whether I ended up with a free upgrade or was just given the standard room.

The room had the typical travel-sized toiletries (shampoo, condition, bath wash, lotion), but also full-sized bottles of each in the shower. Although I wasn’t terribly impressed with the shampoo and conditioner, they do appear to be eco-friendly and locally made and I can support that. The hotel also encourages recycling, which I love.

On the other hand, the bed didn’t have a fitted sheet- just two flat sheets. Because I move around a bit at night, it was a bit of a nuisance to have to keep tucking the bottom flat sheet in every morning (because I’m not terribly messy or high-maintenance, I typically decline housekeeping when I stay in hotels). It was also weird that the bedside light couldn’t be turned off and on easily from the bed. Instead, the bedside lamp was a floor lamp with an on/off switch that was a big button on the floor. So turning off the bed to go to sleep required leaning way off the side of the bed, which was a little weird to me. (It seems like maybe the switch could be mounted to the wall or something to make it a little more convenient to reach.)

Coast is on the far end of town from Banff, but it is an easy drive past several shopping centers, restaurants, gas stations and a Visitor Centre to get on the TransCanada Highway headed towards Banff. From Coast you can be in Banff in about 15 to 20 minutes depending on traffic and road conditions.

Otherwise, I was generally satisfied with the room and the staff at the hotel. But I’m not sure I’d stay here again unless it was at the winter, off-season rate.

- Crissy B

Love the change

I love what the Coast has done with this hotel. Clean sleek look that is environmentally friendly. I actually like the benches vs the dresser and drawers because they are more functional. Benches can be used for suitcases or seating. The tv on the wall takes up less space. I think a rectangular table would take up less space though. Also night tables on both sides of the bed would be nice. They also gave us a room at the end of a hall like and put a microwave in our room as requested. The availability of a wheelchair would have been nice too as I had a ski accident and the walk to the room was too far. My husband tranported me in the luggage cart! Otherwise, the stay was great!


Nice place to stay

The rooms are small for hotel standards, but are very clean. If you have a child and plan to spend time in the room, you will find the room small.

What they lack in room size, they make up in with their pool. Although its not in the same building, its a quick 20-30 step walk (it was -35 the weekend we were there) but did not find that to be an issue. It was quite refreshing after swimming.

The pool area is a good size, with chairs and tables so that you can sit and relax if you dont want to swim.

The pool is quite warm, so its great for swimming with kids.

hotel is conveniently located, and for beer drinkers, there is a brewery just around the corner (30 second walk)

- Parimal B

Coast Canmore is a ripoff.

Don’t stay here, several less expensive options with more comfortable rooms. Bare bones tiny room was not at all what we expected at the ridiculous price we paid. DO NOT BOOK THROUGH EXPEDIA. They are liars and give misleading information.

- rayj991