Pet Friendly hotel in Grimshaw, AB

furry members are family too

At Coast Grimshaw Hotel & Suites, we treat our four-legged guests with the same friendly service we provide all those staying at our hotel. Peace River has many dog friendly areas, trails and parks, including Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park located about 10 KM North-West of Grimshaw or Peace River Wilderness Park that has an amazing 3 KM loop trail around the lake.

We want to ensure that all guests staying with us get to enjoy the quality of service that Grimshaw, Alberta hotel is known for, including the furry members of your family too. That is why we ask our guests who are traveling with their pets to sign a pet policy agreement at check-in. Coast Grimshaw Hotel & Suites charges a daily pet fee of $20 per room for 1 to 2 pets, and $35 for 3 or more pets. Please make sure your pets are on a leash or in a carrier when travelling in the hotel hallway and common areas. We are also cat-friendly too!

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Quick Facts
  • must be on leash
    or in carrier
  • $20 for 1-2 pets
    $35 for 3+ pets
  • supplies available
    on request
  • dog friendly
    parks nearby

Pet friendly areas in Peace River

Peace River Wilderness Park

A popular spot where all the locals come to walk their dogs!

Queen Elizabeth Provincial Park

This is a great all-seasons park to enjoy for you and your pups!

Shaftesbury Trail

Venture out on the Shaftesbury Trail, one of the most scenic and interesting drives in the Peace Region.

Pet Registration Agreement

Please review these restrictions and requirements for the consideration and protection of all guests, pet and non-pet alike. Coast Grimshaw Hotel & Suites understand that many responsible pet owners travel with their pets and may wish to have them share hotel accommodations as part of the family.

  • As the pet owner, you will be responsible for any damages incurred by your pet(s) during your stay. There is a fee of $20/night for 1-2 pets or $35/night for 3+ pets for our pet rooms.
  • All pets MUST be on leash or secured in a carrier while in hallways/common areas.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets both indoors and outside (waste bags available at front desk).
  • Under no circumstances may pets be bathed in bathtub, shower or jacuzzi.
  • Cat litter is to be disposed of in a plastic bag and never down the toilet drain.
  • Pets are to sleep in their kennel/carrier or on the floor and not on the bed.
  • Pets must not be left unattended in room.
  • Pets are forbidden in the breakfast area.
  • Accidental damages incurred by your pet must be reported immediately to front desk.
  • Pet owners agree to be held fully responsible for, and will reimburse the property for, any damages caused by pet(s). Pet owners also understand that in the event of a disturbance being caused to other guests, they may be required to reimburse the property for lost revenue and/or be required to vacate the property accommodations. Pet owners fully agree to clean up after a pets waste, indoor or outdoor incidents.

We appreciate your attention to these policies, and we hope you and your pet have a pleasant and enjoyable stay with us.