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Did the job, could use a facelift

Had the suite in the 6th floor. Room was clean, a little out dated and freezing cold when we entered but decent size for the price. Balcony was nice.

Rooms could definatley use an update/facelift.

Hotel badly needs an after hours restaurant or something. No food after 11 pm which is kinda annoying when there is a casino open til 4am.

Overall hotel is about 3*

- ian l

Casino has something for everyone located in a charming little downtown area

I have stayed here for several important occasions because of the excellent location, the casino and the price of the rooms. Buffet is also good value for the money. Normally just stay one night for New Year’s eve but booked an extra night because of the weather forecast. Snow added to the fun. The spa is an added bonus and the steam bath was heavenly.

- A6320SEcarolk

expected more for the money

The beds were very comfortable but the wallpaper was coming off the wall in the bathroom, the shower made a high pitched noise when it was turned to hot and the lamp beside the bed would not turn off so eventually had to unplug.

- christinahP4296JA

A convenient stay.

It was for Christmas and the chance to see family in town. The room was fine and the 6th floor nice and quiet. The room was very clean but $3.50 for a bottle of water is a steep price. Nice to have an ice bucket but sure wish I knew where to get the ice.
The staff were all friendly and welcoming. The room could use a non-slip mat for the shower.
The card system provides some measure of confidence in our safety but it would be improved if there was a security camera placed to record access to the sound floor elevator.

- bernardh280

Worst hotel experience in my life!

Our check in lady was very nice, but it went downhill from there. I had requested a cot and a room for our dog and family and there was no cot. The beds were pretty comfortable, but I was woken up constantly from 6:00 a.m from carts rolling up and down just outside our room!! After an exhausting day traveling and celebrating Christmas, th last thing we needed was to get woken up at 6:00 a.m. Couldn’t get back to sleep so decided to get a coffee downstairs and it was closed since it was a stat!! Lol!!! We had to walk a few blocks in the cold to the nearest Tim Horton’s. The other negatives are the toilets are really loud and the bathroom door is super heavy so if anyone wakes up in th middle of the night, they wake you up too!! I purposely chose this hotel over a cheaper hotel so we could have a good comfortable stay, never again!!

- Joan O