Three Ways to Get Outside This Fall

Three Ways to Get Outside This Fall


There’s a lot to love about fall – the comfortable weather, changing colors, cozy sweaters and boots, and the distinct spicy smells and tastes of apple cider and pumpkin everything. Especially this year, when the COVID-19 pandemic has effectively postponed or canceled many of our spring and summer events, fall is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the fresh, crisp air before the cold of winter sets in.

One of the best things about spending time outdoors is that there’s no right or wrong way to do it!  You can actively recreate with a group of friends, take some time for yourself and enjoy a good book and a warm beverage on a patio somewhere, go for a scenic drive with your family, or do something else entirely. Nature is quite literally for anyone and everyone. Outdoor fall activities are also typically budget-friendly and in many cases, totally free! Plus, there’s really no better way to physically distance than spending time outside.

At Coast Hotels, we understand how energizing and uplifting a simple getaway can be and we love that so many of you are excited to get back out there. To encourage you to do so safely and responsibly, we’ve come up with several fun things to do outside in the fall.

Family-friendly fall activities

Walking in Farmers field with barn in the background

Pumpkins and vegetable for sale at a farmers market

Child pulling wagon full of pumpkins

Enjoying nature together this fall is a wonderful way to spend quality time with loved ones. After so many months of being cooped up inside, take this opportunity to unplug – literally – and make some memories outside as a family. With so many simple and affordable outdoor fall activities for kids and other family members alike, it’s easy to please everyone.

Support local

Many communities have fall farmers’ markets where you can shop for local produce, dairy items, and other foods, as well as gifts and treats. Consider stopping by one in your area and getting everything you need for a family picnic, then find a park or lake nearby to spread out and eat your goodies.

Pick pumpkins

Check your area for local farms hosting pumpkin patches or corn mazes. With so many things changing due to the coronavirus, it’s a good idea to call ahead and confirm hours and restrictions, plus you may need to make reservations even if it’s a place you’ve been to many times before. Luckily many farms are still planning to be open for the season, but may only offer certain features or have limited capacity. Once you’ve picked your family pumpkins, host a friendly pumpkin carving competition at home!

Stay active

Hiking through the woods

Biking through the woods

kid with handful of fallen leaves

One of the best fall outdoor activities is exercising. Truly, there’s no better season for it, as temperatures have cooled substantially from the summer but there’s still just a bit of lingering warmth in the air. It’s not uncomfortably cold yet and leaves and trees are transforming into their vibrant fall colors, providing naturally beautiful scenery for your outside exercises.

  • Take a hike – Fall is the perfect season for hiking, and it can be done just about anywhere, by anyone. Check AllTrails, a website that helps you find trails in your area. Using their filters, you can find hikes for all experience levels and trails that suit specific needs or interests, such as pet-friendly hikes or trails that are wheelchair-accessible or stroller-friendly.
  • Go for a walk – Even if you’re not up for a hike, you can still enjoy the benefits of it by simply going for a walk. In fact, walking has many benefits of its own, including improving circulation, maintaining weight, and even boosting your mood. Many parks have well-maintained walking trails, or you could even just walk through your neighborhood and enjoy the sights and sounds.
  • Pedal it out – Another of our favorite outdoor fall activities is cycling. Whether you prefer a leisurely ride on a fat bike or an adrenaline-pumping mountain bike ride is more your speed, cycling is a great way to enjoy the Great Outdoors. Plus, you can cover a lot more ground on a bicycle than by foot.


Open Road with the color trees

Group sitting in a park during Autumn

Ski hill and chairlift

Exercise, of course, has plenty of tremendous benefits, but there are many other ways to enjoy outside fall activities as well. Besides, in the fast-paced, perpetually-connected world we live in, when was the last time you decided to go sightseeing, just because?

  • Take a drive – Fuel up, stock up on snacks and your favorite fall beverages (cocoa and cider anyone?), create a fun playlist, and hit the road for a scenic drive. Choose your favorite route or pick a brand new one. This is one of the most fun things to do outside in the fall because you can drive as far or as long as you like without needing to have a destination in mind.
  • Dine al fresco – Farms, breweries, and wineries are typically located in scenic areas, so check around locally and find out what your options are. Oftentimes, farms have days where they offer tours, or they may have farmers markets or petting zoos, all excellent outdoor fall activities for kids. Consider scheduling a wine tasting or just grabbing a casual drink and sitting outside, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather. Be sure to plan ahead and call to confirm hours and policies for COVID-19.
  • Get a lift – If you live within easy driving distance of a ski resort, you can typically ride the ski lift or gondola to the top of the mountain – even if the resort itself isn’t yet open for the season. Plus, many times there are cafes, bakeries, restaurants, or shops at the top with breathtaking views. Note that many resorts have lifts that will carry you up, but you may be required to hike back down.

Where to stay

With nearly 40 hotels across Canada and the U.S. – including Alaska and Hawaii, Coast Hotels has a perfect basecamp for any and every outside fall activities you’re doing, no matter where you’re doing them. The safety and comfort of our guests during this time are our top priorities, and we are here for you with exceptionally clean, safe accommodations. We’ve implemented the Coast Clean program, developed in partnership with Ecolab, to offer guests peace of mind while maintaining our signature high levels of warm and welcoming customer service. Coast Hotels is also offering risk-free, flexible bookings, so go ahead and squeeze in an outdoor getaway this fall – even if it’s just a quick overnight trip.