BC Insider's Guide to Revelstoke

BC Insider's Guide to Revelstoke


A place where you can dash through the snow, and it doesn’t have to be Christmas time. Located in southeastern British Columbia, the Revelstoke mountain resort is a must-visit for enthusiasts of the outdoors. This small-town hosts North America’s most vertical ski terrain and features its share of resorts brimming with activity. Plus, you can rock climb during the summertime or kayak if you’re a water lover. Here are some things to do in Revelstoke and reasons why it can be your ideal getaway.

Get Away From Major Cities

Revelstoke, BC is located nearly 400 miles east of Vancouver and 258 miles west of Calgary. So, if you’re looking for a ski spot far away from the noise, this is it. There are mountain ranges such as Monashee and Selkirk within range, while there’s dog sledding, paragliding and snowshoeing to activate your sense of adventure. Plus, Mount Revelstoke allows you to go hiking during warmer months, as well live music being played at Grizzly Plaza, paddle boarding along Lake Revelstoke and golf.

dog sledding in Revelstoke, BCDogsledding
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At the bottom of the slope, there are many chill – no pun intended – spots to head to, including a sports shop, restaurant and Coast Hillcrest Hotel, one of the better Revelstoke hotels around. A remote area, but lots to tune in to.

Great Opportunity to Get in First Trackings

Early lift access before other ski lovers arrive, meeting at the base of the Gondola by 7:30 a.m. local time and linking with a guide so you can get a head start on the day’s activities. Here, you will learn a selection of designated ski runs for that day.

First TracksGet a Headstart on First Trackings

Additionally, you can experience untracked powder as well as ski or ride on snow groomers. The best part about it is that lines generally aren’t too long given the location. You can get all this access without feeling rushed.  

Great Lift Infrastructure

There are five Revelstoke ski lifts, including the Revelation Gondola, and two high quad chairs, The Stoke and The Ripper, which are just as fast as they are comfortable. Each chair allows you to feel the wind and adds an amusement park-like feel to proceedings. 

Revelation Gondola

Plenty of Advanced and Intermediate Skiing

Nearly half of skiers at Revelstoke are deemed as experts, which tell you this is a spicy atmosphere for the most seasoned of professionals. There is a wide range of terrain options, and the Revelstoke ski resort is divided into zones. Notable expert terrains for skiers to try out include the Gnarnia Glades and Aspen Glades. You can also try Vertigo and Pitch Black after heavy snowfall, which sounds dark but will surely enlighten your experience.

There’s also The North Bowl, which provides you with many cliffs and steeps that will test your nerve, with lines including Powder Assault and Sweet Spot. Those names along are exhilarating, so imagine the action!

Very Little Beginners Skiing

You won’t have to go through the ringer if you’re a first-time skier. There are two magic carpet rides, not quite Aladdin-like but just as mystical, which allow you to get used to the slopes. At Turtle Creek Beginner Area and Little Bit (Revelation Lodge), you can access a beginner slope at each location, the former being around 175 metres. Additionally, a snow school is provided for beginners of all ages as a professional instructor helps you get up to speed on skiing and snowboarding techniques.

From there, you can try Revelation Lodge or the top of Revelation Gondola to test your skill progression, or even take a mountain tour to get more familiar with your surroundings.

Get Stoked on Revelstoke and make it your vacation spot today!