Money Saving Tips for your Next Ski Trip

Money Saving Tips for Your Next Ski Trip


With the high cost of living these days, sometimes people take more “staycations” and less “skications,” but you if you love outdoor sports like skiing then realize that there are ways that you can cut your costs to make your holiday more affordable. It is possible to save money at every stage of the game, from booking the trip to finding cheap transportation to reducing your daily expenses while you are there Here are seven money saving tips for your next ski trip.

1. Split a Hotel Room with Your Friends

Got a big group? Don’t waste time and money booking separate rooms, gather up and book a larger unit or suite with multiple bedrooms. If you have an odd man out, you can get them a sleeper bed so they sleep just as comfortably without paying full price. This can be a simple, fun way to reduce the costs of your stay, especially if you can bunk three or four people per room. Split a Hotel Room with Your Friends, Coast Hotels

2. Look for Off-Peak Deals

Schedule your trip during an off-peak season. This might be settling for a little less hard packed snow on your trail, but the savings on rooms can be substantial as hotels try to get sell unbooked spaces during the less snowy times.

3. Keep Your Eyes Peeled on Social Media

Subscribe to the newsletters and social media pages of your favorite ski resorts and hotels. This is a good way to keep on top of the bargains that are being offered by the resorts and hotels at all times.

4. Get Food at the Grocery Store Rather than Restaurants

Do a little grocery shopping when you get there. One of the biggest expenses when vacationing is eating out. If you pack your own lunch and eat in your hotel room, you can spare yourself the expense of eating at fancy resort restaurants. Sometimes you can also book a family suite with a kitchenette, especially if you are booking one for four people or more, which can afford you the budget-friendly luxury of cooking your own meals. Get Food at the Grocery Store Rather than Restaurants

5. Take Advantage of the Shuttle

Instead of taking taxis, take free shuttle services or walk to your destination whenever possible. This can help you save money on taking taxis and public transportation.

6. Stay Longer, Save More

Plan your stay for as long as possible. Some hotels and resorts will give you a discount if you agree to stay more than a couple of days, particularly if it is the off-season.

7. Don't Fall for Tourist Traps

Resist the temptation to spend like a tourist. One way to cut costs for your trip is to stay away from the high-priced gift shops that are often part of the landscape of pretty resort towns. Be single-minded about sticking to skiing and avoid spending money on mementos of your trip. Instead taking nothing but photos that will last a lifetime and are more priceless.

When it comes to finding cheap ski trips, all you need to do is a little bit research online. Coast Hotels offers some great affordable package deals. There is nothing quite like outdoor recreation to help get rid of stress and the winter blues, so think of your next skiing excursion as more of a necessity rather than a luxury that is necessary to boost your physical and mental health.