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A specific and thorough treatment using an all natural approach to treat common disorders affecting everyday people. We work to restore our patients to optimal health. Our therapists work with you to determine the appropriate course of treatment related to your bodies needs. Specific modalities include, trigger point release, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, prenatal massage, muscle energy, craniofacial therapy, positional release and lymphatic drainage. Treatment is provided by a BC Registered Massage Therapist. Our therapists will provide a receipt for your treatment that you may submit to your extended medical.

30 Minutes $55           45 Minutes $70           60 Minutes $95

75 Minutes $118         90 Minutes $140



Having a professional massage is the perfect way to de-stress and relieve muscles.

30 Minutes $55           45 Minutes $70         60 Minutes $95
75 Minutes $118         90 Minutes $140


We tailor your prenatal massage specific to the mother to-be’s needs, helping to maintain mobility and comfort as the body changes through pregnancy. The table is prepared with extra cushioning and support to provide comfort while caring hands sooth away muscle tension.

* For online booking: book under regular massage and add “prenatal” in the notes.

30 Minutes $55         45 Minutes $70         60 Minutes $95
75 Minutes $118       90 Minutes $140


Share the experience of blissful relaxation in our signature couples room. Relax while receiving a wonderful massage in the company of your spouse or a good friend. A great way to unwind.       * Hillcrest Hotel Location Only

Price is per couple               Please call us directly to book a couples massage

30 Minutes $120      45 Minutes $150
60 Minutes $200      90 Minutes $290


Let your muscle tension melt away with a relaxing full body hot stone massage. Our basalt stones are gently heated in warm water. Allow the heat from the stones to aid in improving circulation, reduce stress and anxiety as you are massaged with smooth firm pressure.

60 Minutes $110     * Hillcrest Hotel Location Only