Pet Friendly Hotel in Swift Current, SK

Furry members are family too

Looking for pet-friendly accommodation in Swift Current, SK? Look no further than Coast Swift Current Hotel. Our location is just a short drive away from many parks and areas for your furry friend to exercise, stretch their legs, or simply roll around.

We ask all guests travelling with their furry family members to sign a pet registration agreement at check-in. Please note that pets must be kept on a leash outside of the guest rooms. We welcome pets of all sizes and cats too! A pet fee of $15 per pet, per night applies.

At our front desk, we provide treats for all pups. We want your pet to feel at home during their stay with us.

Book your stay at Coast Swift Current Hotel for a comfortable and convenient pet-friendly experience.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Quick Facts
  • dog friendly
    parks nearby
  • $15.00 fee
    per pet, per night
  • treats available
    on request
  • Dog on leash icon
    must be on leash
    or in carrier

Pet friendly areas in Swift Current

Riverside Park

This grassy park has a playground for your kids and water for your pups to swim.

Elmwood Park

One of the city’s oldest parks, Elmwood Park is a great spot for a picnic with your family or for a stroll with your dog.

Chinook Parkway

Walk with your dog (on-leash) in this beautiful park which meanders alongside the Swift Current Creek.

pet assistance

Treats for your pet are available at our front desk. Please let us know if you require anything for your pet - if it's available, we can accommodate.

Pet Registration Agreement

At Coast Swift Current Hotel we understand that many responsible pet owners wish to have their pets with them during their stay, and many people require service animals. We are more than happy to accommodate for said pets/service animals and there are just a few simple guidelines we ask all owners to abide by:

  • During your stay we ask that when entering and exiting the hotel with pets/service animals, please use side or back entrances. Please refrain from entering through the lobby when not necessary.
  • Pets/service animals may not be left unattended in the room, or any other area within the hotel premises without the hotel knowledge and consent. Animals left unattended, without the hotel consent, or that otherwise cause problems, may be removed or caused to be removed, at the hotel's sole discretion.
  • The pet/service animal's presence and behavior will not be allowed to affect the well-being and quiet enjoyment of the hotel premises by other hotel guests and patrons. Please be advised that any disruptions to other guests caused by the animal's presence or behavior will be directly billed to the room in which the owner is registered. The owner assumes full responsibility for any damages, however caused, resulting from the animal being allowed on the hotel's premises.
  • Pets/service animals must always be on leash or crate when outside of your room and be under full control of their owner. Under no circumstances should animals be permitted to be loose in any public areas of the hotel, such as lobbies or the hallways.
  • Please do not loiter in any of the common areas of the hotel with your pet/service animal.
  • We do offer some cleaning services, but we ask that you please pick up and properly dispose of any waste. A failure to do so will result in an additional charge to the registered owner's room.
  • Proper arrangements must be made to secure acceptable sleeping quarters, walk and exercise as needed and generally ensure the well-being of the pet/service animal.

Adherences to these practices will ensure an enjoyable stay for all guests. We look forward to welcoming you and your furry loved ones to Coast Swift Current Hotel.