Why Kauai Makes the Perfect Summer Family Destination

Why Kauai Makes the Perfect Summer Family Destination


Most people have at least once, pondered what paradise looks like. One common aspect of this vision is that being in it means more than just being pleasing to the eye. It is a place that smells good, sounds good, feels good and above all else, is carefree. The Garden Island is just that. Kauai is regarded as one of the lushest and most beautiful places on earth. For decades, people have dreamt of vacationing on this incredible island and for those with the desire, return as often as possible to rejuvenate body and spirit. When you start planning your vacation, begin with booking exceptional Kauai accommodations at the Waimea Plantation Cottages, a Coast Resort and the rest of your planning will be a breeze. Here’s what you can expect when you reserve Kauai cottages.

Never Off Season

Kauai is a paradise year-round

Summer is usually a time when those in temperate climates are enjoying the warmer weather that is all too brief for most tastes. Typically, in the winter months, we choose to escape the cold by taking a vacation in February. However, Kauai is a paradise year-round, and it may surprise you that summer is an excellent time to book a holiday there. With the low summer rainfall, it is the ideal time to visit this incredible place and find out more about Kauai cottage rentals.

What to Do

bluffs, beaches, corals, mountains, canyons, and rainforests

Part of the magic of the Hawaiian Islands is the diversity in the terrain. There are bluffs, beaches, corals, mountains, canyons, and rainforests. Imagine taking a stroll and discovering a hidden beach that feels like it was put there just for you to find. Exploring the island is best done on foot, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't hop on some bicycles for longer excursions. Waimea Canyon is a must-see. It is 3,500 feet deep and is the largest of its kind in Pacific. You can rent a car for the day or join one of the tours that stop at the three lookouts for a view you will never forget. The whole family will marvel at the equally spectacular sunrises and sunsets. As the stars dance in the sky, you will hear the ocean sing you to sleep after spending the day living a dream when you book one of the authentic Kauai cottages on the beach at Waimea Plantation Cottages.

Where to Stay

The Waimea Plantation Cottages are ideally placed on the west side of the island and are perfect for those who want a tranquil stay or a spectacular road trip adventure. Waimea Cottages offer a more authentic experience of gentle island life. The hotel has a collection of 60 authentic cottages dating back as far as the 1800's. They are steps away from the beach and pointed to the incredible mountain range of Waimea Canyon. There cannot be a more genuine Kauai experience than the cottages in Waimea. Start planning your dream summer vacation today. Escape to the Island