Membership Eligibility and Renewal
Membership in the Coast Rewards program is at the discretion of Coast Hotels. Eligible applicants will be automatically enrolled at the Silver status and moved to Gold and Platinum status as the qualification requirements are met. Qualification is annual and based upon the number of nights stayed during each one-year period as follows: 1-14 nights for Silver, 15-39 nights for Gold and 40 nights or more for Platinum.

Coast Hotels reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership at any time. Membership guidelines, benefits and participating hotels are subject to change without notice.

Participating Hotels
All Coast Rewards membership services are available at participating hotels. Full Coast Rewards benefits may not be available at all resort locations.

Accumulating Points
Points accumulate upon receipt of completed membership application. Points accumulate for qualified room rates and incidental charges that appear on the guest folio at the time of check-out. In order to receive points, payment for all room charges must be received from the Coast Rewards member.

Points Eligibility
Reservations made in advance through third party reservation systems or entities, such as online travel agencies or tour operators, are not eligible for points or mileage accumulation. All rates booked through or Coast Hotels’ central reservations are eligible for points accumulation unless otherwise stated.
Certain group bookings are not eligible for points or mileage accumulation.

Redemption stays are not eligible for points accumulation. Points are non-refundable, non-transferable, and may not be combined with another member.

Points Expiry
Points expire after twenty-four months of non-activity. Hotel gift certificates expire 12 months after issuance.

Points Reimbursement
It is not possible to reimburse member accounts for points that have already been redeemed.