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broken bed

we checked in Sunday night for a 3 night stay Monday I told the front desk that one of the beds had a broken frame she said they would send someone to replace bed. They may have tried to do something but it still cheeked and sagged in middle

- Pam Hal H

Nice place to stay in Wenatchee

Stayed here for 2 nights while attending a conference. Well located – close to the loop trail along the Columbia river. Great view from my hotel window of the surrounding hills. Easy to walk to restaurants and downtown shopping.
I did think it was a bit expensive for the area, but the room was nice, small but who needs a giant hotel room?

- kerryo760

Downgrading from 5 to 1 star

**Had to downgrade our rating from 5 to 1. Great customer service is very important when rating hotels, food etc., in our travels. Our last stay we had poor front desk help from Keiko and her supervisor. She refused to give the rewards points for our stay and when we let them know we have a choice of hotels for conferences and vacations we were told we could choose another hotel. ?!? Looks like we will be switching to more amenable hotel chains for business and vacations.
Our 5star review is withdrawn although we still have to give Frieda 5 stars as she was exceptional at customer service on our past stays.

- Julie S

Heating and Internet Terrible

I did not have a good experience during my recent lodging experience at the Coast Wenatchee Center. After the first night I complained to the front desk that the hotel hallways were too hot. As a result I had to turn on my air conditioning, which was not sufficient. My colleagues and I felt the same, so it wasn’t just myself.
I had hoped that the problem would have been rectified, but sadly it wasn’t, because it remained stifling hot throughout my entire stay. The air conditioning wasn’t able to keep up with how hot it was and it made my stay miserable.
To further complicate matters the Internet connection through their AT&T wireless service was horrible where I stayed on the fifth floor and I could not do my work in the comfort of my hotel room. Several times I lost all connectivity. I had far better service by walking over to the Convention Center.
I could have stayed almost anywhere else in the Wenatchee Valley, but I chose to stay at this hotel for convenience. I did not ask for a discount or compensation, but simply acknowledgement that the hotel would take my concerns seriously, but no one responded. Sadly, I can honestly say that my stay at the hotel was far from acceptable and I probably will not be returning.

- I2597UVthomasj

Motel was great, restaurant was terrible.

The motel was clean and comfortable. They could use to update their furniture in the lobby. The restaurant/lobby was understaffed and their fore a miserable experience. The poor waitress who was attempting to wait on the entire lounge basically by herself could not keep up. Customers were getting upset and having to get up and wait on themselves. This was a management problem as their was 2 different events going on at the convention center so the restaurant should have been staffed to handle this. Had to leave my table twice to order my own drinks at the bar along with many other people and alll of our food was cold once it was delivered. We actually left this place and went to the Rail Station where service was awesome.

- TAC772