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Comfortable and Cat Friendly

We travel with our cat and have learned that pet friendly does not necessary include cats. This hotel was welcoming and clean, the front desk personnel were kind. Room service from the onsite restaurant was excellent and quicker than I have ever experienced.

- Diana M

Loved it!

Everything was top notch, from the room to the indoor/outdoor pool. Very clean and friendly staff as well. We grabbed breakfast to go and brought it to the room, tasty and at reasonable price. We can’t wait to return!

- E4721SJmichellen

Pet friendly and clean hotel

We had a wonderful stay at the Coast Hotel in Wenatchee. The personnel is super friendly and pet friendly rooms are VERY CLEAN and odor free. Easy access to public market and to all the shops in the main part of town.

- Lablover54

Unclean rooms, uncomfortable beds, poor service

Dirt in shower, hair on every bath towel (pubic hair on one). Mattress and pillows were all hard as a rock. Hotel charged my card without authorization instead of the company card as instructed. Would not recommend.

- 544suzyr

Shook me all night long

As luck would have it, just as I was about to drift into the netherworld of sleep, the adjoining room became the bouncy house for a family of four. Along with several, what I assume to be, test flushes of the plumbing, there was also the good fortunes from knocking on wood (that wood being the door separating the two rooms.
In an effort to combat the commotion, I would press the Volume + button in even increments. Syfy was playing the original Blade Runner movie and I was looking to refresh my memory before seeing the next chapter out in theaters (the original came out in 1982 and honestly I don’t remember being that intrigued back then but the new version is getting a lot of hype).
By 10:00 pm, mom and dad next door have the kids settled down but, because I have the volume at 26 I don’t realize the tremors have subsided until 10:15 (commercial break in the cinematic nostalgia). I lower the volume to honor the silence.
At 1:30am I find myself trying to guess the age of the infant next door. I recognize the cry as the one of hunger and realized I don’t have to pretend to be asleep because this is not my child. My baby is hundreds of miles from here in an apartment next to her college.
The 4:30 alarm barely has a chance to sound because I have been restless since 4:00 am. I resist the urge to knock on the adjoining door and instead get ready for my day practicing my ninja skills.
I wonder if the hotel was full and that was the only room available or if I somehow upset the hotel Gods and this was my repentance.
I may never know but just in case, I reloaded the toilet paper holder with the paper out and folded it into a little triangle.

- I1300RQtimb