coast fraser tower

yellowknife, northwest territories

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Coast Fraser Tower

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Best value in YZF for a 2 bedroom suite

Huge 2 bedroom suite and the room was very clean. The included breakfast was good. The only issue (and this was minor) was the front desk clerk was chatting with friends when we arrived and waited until their conversation was done before doing the check in. He was friendly and thorough when he did check us in.

- 746bettel

Bob and kathy

Nice facility – will maintained – food service was great – dinner service around the fireplace was unique and satisfying – hotel staff were friendly and helpful – buffet breakfast was great – would stay again if we make it to Yellowknife.

- robertbS5965ZB

Northern no-brainer.

Reminder to all nitpickers. This is the north and this a hotel in a very small town, so it’s important to judge services, amenities and the age of properties accordingly.

The name change is probably the most obvious issue with this hotel. Cabbies, pizza delivery, locals need a moment to know what you’re talking about. Best to say “Fraser Hotel’. The Coast brand may not have caught on fully.

Stayed in the large two-bedroom suite with kitchen. Reasonable view of the water. Friendly and informative staff. Free wifi. Good tv package. Walkable to the downtown strip. The hotel was very quiet. Two elevators. Didn’t seem to have option for air conditioning (heat only, no cool air), but the open windows and balcony door sufficed. The second smaller bedroom did not have a phone or a television. Again, not a big deal.

Washroom was clean, offered good toiletries, nice towels, good water pressure and temperature.

Moderately good light-blocking curtains for the midnight sun. These could be improved upon however, if you have to keep the windows open for fresh air.

They offer aeroplan miles. Every little bit counts up here.

There are people who live here as a residence and you can see their lawn furniture and gas bbq’s. Again, small town.

Gym on main floor beside reception. Treadmills, tv, fans.

Did not partake in the continental breakfast, but they had Starbucks coffee all day in thermos dispensers. Sometimes not quite hot enough. Small inconvenience.

True, there are some dated aspects to this hotel, but the staff are attentive and demonstrate classic northern hospitality, while maintaining professionalism.

Stay here. Reasonable, no-brainer.

- bytowndude

First Time Here, Would not rebook.

As it was a forced trip to Yellowknife due to business, and I had a wonderful experience with the Prince George Coast Hotel, I assumed that this would be a similar experience……I Was So WRONG.
Do not book this Hotel????
Yes it has suites like in the promo but it is not up to date and it is not well looked after. There are NO on Site Amenities. Like a restaurant, Lounge, or Pub. They do have a something that they call a breakfast…….its not anything like their promo.
I left a small piece of pizza topping outside my room and the cleaning staff did not see it nor pick it up.
The decor was so out of date that I felt I was back in the late 60′s or 70′s.
There was a “continental breakfast” offered but the cereal was so stale and although the bread was individually sealed in zip lock bags I could see finger imprints in the bread and I would bet that no gloves were worn.
There was an odor of something in the halls as this is a live in accommodation with full kitchens. I do not appreciate nor enjoy the smell of fried fish heads.
This would be a perfect place for oil industry types who would think this is a palace.
Would I stay here again……..Not a Chance. This is the worst on my list. Trust me.

- kh1298

A couple changes would make a big difference

The property itself is getting a little dated and is due for a renovation. The lead up to the hotel is lackluster and the lobby is standard at best. The property is without a lounge which seems odd for a 14 floor hotel. They instead opt for a continental breakfast and bring in hot plates for dinner during the work week. I cannot comment on the quality of the food as I didn’t partake.

The rooms themselves are very spacious and the suites feature a full kitchen. The décor in the rooms along with the appliances are dated but adequate. The bed was quite comfortable and the room darkening blinds were good enough to battle the 24 hours of daylight this time of year. Being the sub-arctic, air conditioning wasn’t a priority in the vintage of this property. Likely not an issue during most months of the year.

The staff can be separated into two groups. The front desk staff and the housekeeping staff. The front desk staff were great and especially the woman who sets up the breakfasts in the morning during the week, she was such a genuine and caring person.

Unfortunately it would seem that the housekeeping staff are not as motivated to carry the brand forward. There was literally a pistachio shell in the hallway for 5 days, right in the middle of the hallway. The housekeeping staff can be expected to make your bed and change out your towels, sometimes they would even take the garbage out.

Overall I would say that this hotel exemplifies a 3 star. I would stay here again but I would know what I was getting.

- Mike O