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Awesome place to stay especially if U don't have an auto available

Four star place at half the price of downtown 2 stars.Front desk employees led by Zoe’s Manj are the best.Big Shout to the women service attendants in ur bar and restaurant that I more time there than I should have because of their friendly attention to detail.

- coachgord


The night we arrived we called for shuttle the guy at front desk said go upstairs of airport to call for shuttle so I go upstairs lost then I asked information desk and they said no you need to go outside across the street and use the shuttle phone. Then I call for a shuttle then they put me on hold for 20 minutes. Finally got to hotel so we asked about shuttle for the morning and they said no problem just call us 10 minutes before you come down and you will be delivered to the airport so we did came down and walked up the the shuttle bus and they said no you have to wait for 20 minutes!!! So I asked front desk and they said Oh maybe the guy at the front desk lastnight wasn’t trained properly yet. But so rude no customer service what so ever. They actually started to argue with me. I always stay at the coast hotels but after this stay I’m completely done with this chain.

- Jenna K


The last four times we have stayed at this property has shown us the CVA does not want our business.
1. The “free” shuttle consistently does not pick up at domestic arrivals. This time, the driver just kept on going without stopping, despite waving of arms to flag him down. at least this time he came back to pick us up – very unusual.
2. We wanted to use some of our 5500 Rewards points for our stay, but was told by the front desk that they were ‘unable to call’ the rewards desk – that was up to us – less than 5 min later she called … wonder what happened to ‘unable to call’ – she out and put lied to us.
3. As platinum members we are rewarded with some very small perks such as a $10 voucher for breakfast. No only was the voucher not provided on check-in, but the night clerk (10:30 PM) was unable to retrieve the vouchers as they were locked up. The morning clerk argued that we were NOT platinum (according to her computer) and refused to call Coast Rewards to confirm (see #2, above). I called Coast Rewards to confirm my status, and had THEM call the desk clerk.
Loyalty rewards should not be this difficult – and at other properties the process is seamless. HOWEVER CVA goes out of their way to keep us out of their property with both actions and attitude.It is a dangerous place to stay.
4.There are areas when the carpet is not even secure causing a trip/fall hazard.

- Brian_Mairs

Hotel nice, area rough

I woul not stay there again, purely because of the area. The hotel and staff are nice but location really ruins things and for the price, I would expect it to be in a better location.

The restaurant is White Spot and is nice enough. The bar was closed for renovations.

- lara898

Not a nice hotel

Used this hotel as a layover before a flight the next day. The lobby was clean but the room was dirty, had graffiti in the bathroom, a broken window handle just laying on the sill, and garbage around the bed and under the mattress… it had obviously not been properly cleaned. Bathroom was dirty too, yellow towels and mold around the shower.

- cherry251