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rating for this hotel's Cleanliness, 4.0/5 Cleanliness
rating for this hotel's Sleep Quality, 3.5/5 Sleep Quality
rating for this hotel's Value, 3.5/5 Value
rating for this hotel's Service, 3.5/5 Service
rating for this hotel's Location, 3.5/5 Location
rating for this hotel's Rooms, 3.5/5 Rooms
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Good hotel ....No customer value...customer pays at their error.

Booking office lured me in to book by promising late checkout ( I offered to pay). When I arrived they refused to honour the information I was given….I could have gone to place where this was available and honourable to paying customer. Instead they choose to lure customer with false promises.

- 886Bev


Coast Hotels are usually quite good, but this one does not meet our expectations, especially in the maintenance area.. We were satisfied with the staff, and because of family living near by, the location is ideal for us..

- chris a

Heading Where It's Warm!!

Comfortable night , staff were great. Had a good meal at attached White Spot. Having an attached restaurant was one of the reasons for choosing this hotel. The shuttle service was on time and the driver very courteous .

- luv2tavel

Broken, sad, and a difficult manager

I don’t know the manager’s name because he would not give it. My friend drove me to the hotel, and the first challenge was finding parking as a sign at the entrance on SW Marine Drive said NO ENTRY – shuttle only. We settled for a dark spot around a corner. A sign was posted warning not to leave anything valuable in your car. The second difficulty was finding an entrance. There were two separate doors opening onto the dark parking lot. One said Hotel Entrance but was locked. The other was open to a long hall of rooms. I made a note to not accept a room on that hall. The second difficulty was checking in, because my debit card was not acceptable. My friend paid the charges and asked the two clerks how many cars had been broken into lately? The women could/would not answer, finally saying that the question was the wrong question to ask. Our response was confusion and we asked how could the question be wrong? The clerks said they did not know, so my friend asked to speak to the manager. He came out of his office already angry. He told my friend that if he wanted to know that information, he should call 911 and speak to the police. My friend said that the warning sign posted suggested that one should be cautious parking in the dark parking lot and so he was asking for further information about it as he had valuable equipment in the car. The manager became more angry and so began shouting, telling the clerks to hand back my ID and card and to tell us to find another hotel. “Just try and find another hotel at this time,” he said. My friend, who by this time had raised his voice just to be heard, asked the manager for his name. (he wore no identification). The manager said he would not reveal his name and stomped back to his office. One of the clerks again said, “You asked the wrong question…” and we were confused as ever.
I did stay the night after all because it was late and I had a flight the next day. My room was clean and the bed was very comfortable, but the halls were dirty, the stairs lined with cigarette butts and trash, the ice machines broken except for one, and all the vending machines either broken or empty.
But by far the worst thing about the hotel is its angry and apparently incompetent manager. I will be informing the corporate office.

- W8270VYsarahm

Excellent staff and service, however time to renovate

Ive stayed at the Coast quite a bit over the last three years. All staff are highly dedicated, hard working wonderful people. The hotel overall though is in need of a deep renovation, to replace worn out surfaces that really are not a maintenance issue, its a renovation issue. Also, the food handling at the White Spot has seen better days. Recommended for shorter stays.

- 994peterg