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Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel

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Spacious room, comfy bed with sheets!

The hotel is located close to restaurants and central city. (Note: There is a “Gentlemen’s Club” across the road which might be an issue if you are traveling with children). Check-in was quick. The room was very spacious and nicely furnished. The bed had a nice quality linen, including a top sheet separate from the duvet. We find duvets are way too hot, so really do not like the trend for hotels to provide just a duvet that you have to disassemble if you only want a sheet.
Good shower, and spotlessly clean bathroom.
Minor negatives were the paper coffee cups and “whitener” for coffee. China coffee mugs and milk are so much nicer! There is a fridge in the room, so milk could be provided. On the plus side, the fridge was not a “mini-bar”, so you could use it for your own things. More than one sachet of coffee would also be nice.
The room had a good view of the city, but the window was so dirty it was not nice to look at.
Overall, a very good hotel. A few minor tweaks would make it excellent.

- AvrilN21

Great location

Every employee was wonderful a long with the hotel manager, she took the time to ensure I was well taken care of by her staff at the hotel. It is rare when a manager greats your welcome even when you stay there for a holiday.

- T9312PTkevine

Great location.

Nice hotel and great location. Would be good if they gave complimentary parking for guests. Roomy was clean. Staff very friendly. Would be inclined to go back there if I wanted to stay downtown. Higher floor would be nice next time.

- 296nisargt

Staying at the Edmonton downtown Coast Hotel.

Our stay at the downtown Edmonton Coast Hotel on 105th Street was very enjoyable. The hotel room was quiet, clean and the rates were very affordable. The staff at the front desk were all very friendly and helpful. Quite enjoyed the 105 Street Cafe for their breakfasts a couple of times. This is a hotel that I would definitely recommend to others.

- 816carolk

Medical appointment

The Hotel is conveniently located for the LRT to get to the U of A for the appointment. It is difficult to park a large vehicle in the parkade. The restaurant facilities were comfortable and convenient.

- lindabP5589FR