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Chasing summer coast plaza

Was a great stay and would recommend the hotel to anyone who was in the area. The early check in was hassle free and we were given a room promptly. The front desk staff were polite and accommodating and had great smiles

- gnitsur

Highly recommended hotel for Calaway Park package!

We booked this hotel for the Calaway Park package and were extremely happy with the value and everything included! Super clean and spacious room, amazing breakfast buffet even in the middle of the week. The basket of goodies had chips, cookies, granola bars, chocolate bars, fruit and water, plenty for a family of 4 as an evening snack! We didn’t get a chance to try out the pool. We were a very late check in but the the staff were very friendly and accomodating. 4 tickets to Calaway park were included as well as 2 coupons for kids sunglasses there. We would definitely stay here again and have recommended this package to others! Definitely a highlight of our trip.

- cjp282

Great for Stampede stay

This hotel is out of the city but has great links that run frequently into the Centre and the stampede area. The hotel was being refurbished while we were there but it didn’t intrude in any way. our room was in need of renovating, ac needs looking at, but they are in the process. We found the buffet lacking in choice compared to other hotels and the staff whilst nor downright rude did have attitude. Housekeeping were obliging.

- woosterShropshire

What’s air con?? Literal worst

Tower b …we turned air con highest it could go 8 hours and it’s still 23 degrees in here it is set at 15 fan high ..bull…kid can’t sleep I can’t sleep sheets only and still too hot. ,okie night was cute …zoo should be great ..what a damper on our last night

- Scott E

Not pet friendly. Very rude staff. Never staying again.

Every summer we return to Calgary for August long weekend and have stayed at the Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre. This will be our last and we will no longer be referring others there either.
This time around our trip started out dealing with very rude front desk staff. During this stay, we brought our dog for the first time as they claim to be pet friendly. Hardly the case. We come from Edmonton and only for the weekend so it is nice when a hotel provides amenities for your dog as well. Well, their website claims to provide “a large cedar-chip dog bed and a food and water dish”. Therefore, we did not pack these things to bring with us. The “large cedar-chip bed” would literally been quite nice for a chihuahua, but our 55lbs dog could make no use of it. When asked for another, I was quickly told that was all they offer…. and the other was taken from me by the front desk. First line of false advertising. Secondly, they only provided us with one bowl, but like most, our dog eats AND drinks, so I requested another. This time around I was told in a very rude and condescending manner that “we only have one. MOST people bring these things for their pets when they come”. When your website says you provide them, I assume you have more than ONE SET in the entire hotel. We had to use a make-shift bowl with things we found in the room. All in all, I may not have been so upset at this had I not been treated like I was stupid the entire time.
On top of this being our first nights experience, we also went for breakfast in the restaurant each day. The breakfast buffet is extremely sub-par, but it was an easy, quick breakfast so we still went. They provide next to no options for a “buffet”. The second day, we are seated, provided with the buffet, but before we could even begin eating, we were told the buffet was now closed for the brunch buffet to be brought out…. and they were going to charge us the brunch price if we wanted to eat more.
We never saw ONE housekeeping cart on our floor the entire weekend (we were there THREE DAYS), we had to go in search of someone to give us more coffee, and when we asked for more face cloths, they said they had none.
To top it off, when checking out, I was charged an extra night for the pet fee. When I inquired why I was charged for that many, she snapped back that we are charged for each night we stay there. I said Yes I understand, but we stayed only 3 nights and we have four nights charges here. They were trying to charge us for the night we checked out as well. When I told her I was not paying for this, we literally had a staring contest. She did not want to remove it and I was not paying for a night I was not staying in the hotel for. Reluctantly, she eventually removed the charge. I am unsure if the front desk girl was actually thinking we needed to pay for it (again, a night we were not staying for), or if she was just lazy and didn’t want to do the work. I can honestly say it seems as though, by their actions, the front desk staff hate their jobs. Regardless, next year we are finding a new place to stay. We stayed alongside two other couples… they also agreed, never again.