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The best customer service ever!

We stayed at this hotel just for the overnight when we arrived in Alaska. (They have a late checkout to accommodate the late flights from the lower 48.) It was clean, comfortable and perfectly acceptable value for the price – but that’s not the reason for the great review. We left Anchorage in a rental RV for the next two weeks and when we returned we had nine hours to kill between dropping off the RV and our plane home. We stopped by Coast Int’l Inn and against hope asked if they would hold our luggage AND keep our box of frozen fish in their freezer. They didn’t blink twice and said “sure”! Because of their customer service, we had a carefree last day in Anchorage. They even let us use their shuttle to the airport. We had dinner at Pipers Lounge, onsite. The food was great (blueberry chipotle sauce with fried calamari was an unexpected pleasure) and a good beer list. The locals fill this place. I can’t begin to thank them for their service to a one-night customer other than to recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone else who passes through. And I do.

- 4thStageTravel

Good motel if you don't mind cigarette smoke.

This is a fine motel overall, except that several times I’ve had rooms that stink of cigarette smoke. Ruins the entire experience. I know the sheets are clean, but you don’t want to touch the upholstered chair or drapes or carpet. Many motel rooms in Anchorage have a problem getting dark at night, but this motel has good blinds that do a pretty good job blocking the late hour sunlight in the summer. For those of you visiting Alaska from the L48, that is an important feature.

- Andrew O

Good value for a night stay

Have stayed in this hotel on two occassions whilst on our Alaska holiday. The first night arrived in Anchorage tired and jet lagged. Bed was uncomfortable and no cllold water. Had a bad nights sleep. Breakfast was OK. Second night, a week later, better room and bed. Had a nice mushroom burger in the sports bar. Waiting staff were really good. Hotel needs renovation. Excellent shuttle service to and from airport. Phoned for shuttle in baggage claim and bus arrived within 5 minutes.

- John L


Sorry to say it but its true.

My friend and I checked out of here early because we did not feel safe and checked in somewhere else nearby for the rest of our holiday. The hotel is close to the airport and on the side of the lake where all the float planes depart and arrive from about 0700 to 2330 hours per day. We were on the ground floor, you can hear guests walking along the corridors, running the shower, slamming the doors all night. We saw obscene writing on the mirror in the bathroom from a previous resident (cleaned by staff as soon as it was brought to their attention). But the thing that made us leave was during the night we heard tapping on the windows in the middle of the night, a number of times.

Yes we were travelling together but for both people not to feel safe – that takes some doing. We would not recommend this hotel.

- Lallen2

A great overnighter

Stayed for one night the rooms are large with 2 king size beds a/c and free wifi. There is no lift but your bag will be carried up to your room
There is a sports bar which serves food and a dinning room the food is ok free bus to and from the airport
Would stay here again

- Charles H