How to Stay Green While Traveling

How to Stay Green While Traveling


While traveling can be a rewarding experience, spending green is an understandable concern as you determine how much fun you can have based on what's available. However, staying green is just as important whenever you're seeking adventure. Staying natural, keeping clean, and conserving energy will make your surroundings a pleasant and better place to live. Coast Hotels, through the Refreshingly Green™ Program, promotes green travel through various green initiatives. The program includes optional housekeeping, free digital newspapers and magazines, recycling, composting, biodegradable cleaning supplies, and much more. Through this program, and your own efforts, there is a myriad of ways to stay green during your travels!

Opt Out of Housekeeping

If you’re only staying for a night or two, why not skip housekeeping? At Coast Hotels, housekeeping is optional. You can pass on housekeeping any day, for up to 3 consecutive days at a time. You can re-use towels and reduce the number of times to change bedding during your stay. Unless it's something you can't do yourself, consider taking a bit of cleaning into your own hands where you can.

How to Stay Green While Traveling

Full Bottle Amenities

Instead of the small body washes or soaps and shampoo you might be used to, you will be provided with full-size, botanical-based bathroom amenities at Coast Hotels. This practice is done in a large format so we can reduce waste by avoiding half-used containers.

large format so we can reduce waste by avoiding half-used containers

Go Paperless – No More Print!

Utilize your free Wi-Fi access at Coast Hotels by reading everything you want on your tablet, phone, or computer instead of picking up a newspaper or magazine. As a gift, you will be able to surf thousands of newspapers and magazines on your device(s) at any time during your stay with our free PressReader service.

Conserve and Recycle

Our hotels also have a wide range of recycling program put in place. We do our best to use energy-efficient lighting and appliances in addition to low-flow toilets and showerheads. . Plus, three Coast properties have been retrofitted with Sempa hybrid heating systems. These systems decrease greenhouse gas emissions from space and water heating units. In the meantime, remember to turn off your lights and faucet when you're not using them!

Eat, Drink, and Drive Smart

If you love shrimp or other types of seafood, you will love the OceanWise-certified seafood features on some of our Coast Hotels’ menus.

OceanWise-certified seafood features on some of our Coast Hotels’ menus

While you’re dining at restaurants, consider skipping the drinking straw. Plastic straws create waste and are not environmentally-friendly. Should you require one, some of our hotel restaurants may provide a paper straw as an alternative upon request, or think about bringing your own reusable straw. Another item that’s good to carry around with you is a reusable water bottle. In doing so, you reduce plastic waste and you can fill up from the infused water in the lobby. If you're done with your meal or refreshment and happen to ride around in an electric car, you can stay charged via EV charging stations at some of our properties. The Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA in Vancouver, for example, hosts two Sun Country Highway electric vehicle stations.

Towards Greener Living

Did you know? Coast Coal Harbour Hotel by APA is the first zero-waste property rolled out by the Coast Hotels family. At Coast Bastion Inn, things are always buzzing as six rooftop hives house over 60,000 New Zealand honeybees. Plus, all of Coast Hotel’s Canadian branches are Green Key certified by Green Key Global, a leading international certification body offering standardized resources for the hotel industry. These facts prove just how much Coast Hotels value environmentally-friendly habits while ensuring you get the maximum enjoyment from all facets of your stay as much as possible. Head over to for more information. Coast Hotels is happy to provide you with incredible locations ranging from the fresh mountain air of the Canadian Rockies to picturesque views of the Pacific Northwest.