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Top Tips for Traveling With Your Furry Friends


Looking for “pet-friendly hotels near me?" Look no further than Coast Hotels! If you’re a pet owner who loves to travel, you know that it’s no fun leaving your beloved friend behind. With pet-friendly hotels, you don’t have to! You can plan a trip where your favourite pet can join in the fun. When you’re bringing along your family pet, planning ahead ensures they stay safe and comfortable. Here are some tips for travelling pet owners. small dog with sunglasses holding airplane ticket

Understand the Hotel’s Pet Policy and Fees

While most hotels offer online booking, when you are travelling with your pet, it’s a good idea to call the hotel first and book directly. This will give you a chance to ask some specific questions and ensure that you understand the hotel’s pet policy.

Questions to Ask Before Booking

  • Is there an additional fee? If so, is it a flat rate or charged per night?
  • Are there any breed restrictions or weight limitations?
  • Is the entire hotel pet-friendly, or is there a designated floor?
  • Is there space nearby for your pet to go off-leash or do their business?
  • Are there dog walkers or sitters available to hire?
  • Is there a damage deposit?
  • What are the charges associated with damages from a pet?

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Consider Your Pet’s Personality

You know your pet best, and while you won’t know for sure how well they will travel with you until they do, there are a few things to consider that will help you decide and prepare your furry friend for the stress of travelling.

Understanding Your Pet’s Behaviour

This is extremely important when planning to stay overnight with them in a hotel.

Are they used to staying in different or unfamiliar places? If not, it would be beneficial to start having sleepovers with family or friends to prepare your pet for the big adventure. Once you are confident that they can handle new and unfamiliar situations, then you can start planning your adventure. dog laying on bed at coast hotels Does your pet get separation anxiety when left alone? If so, you won’t be able to leave them alone in the hotel room. Even hotels that allow dogs will not take kindly to the sounds of a distressed pet left unattended.

If you feel comfortable that your pet is the perfect companion for your next adventure, they probably are, but be prepared that they may require extra care and attention throughout the trip.

Scope Out Your Surroundings

A little research ahead of time will make your life a lot easier! Finding dog-friendly places to bring your pup when it’s time to eat and planning out dog-friendly activities ahead of time can save you from getting “hangry” and your pup from getting agitated when they are bored of the hotel room. When you call to book, most hotels that allow pets will be more than happy to help point you and your pup in the right direction. owner and dog playing in snow Some dog-friendly activities to consider while you’re on vacation include:

  • Hiking
  • Walking along a run/bike path
  • Outdoor markets
  • Parks
  • Beaches

Just like at home, the more active you are, the better! Plus, the more you tire them out, the better they will sleep for you at the hotel.

Stick to a Routine

It’s so tempting to throw routine to the wind and live in the moment while you’re on vacation. Though that might work for humans, it’s a little harder for our pets. To keep them comfortable on your travels, it’s helpful to stick to a similar routine to the one they are used to.

There will be some variation, but feeding them around the same time, putting their doggie bed in a spot similar to the one at home, and of course, making sure they get plenty of exercise and potty breaks will all help them feel at home on your vacation.

Bringing their favourite toys and items from home, like their doggie bed or special blankie with a familiar scent, will also help them to feel more comfortable in new places.

Bring More Bags

Doggie bags and luggage! You want to pack as light as you can, but when it comes to travelling with your pet, you may want to consider bringing additional luggage. Factor in all the necessary items you will need, things that usually stay at home like dog food, food and water bowls, leashes, toys, treats, blankets, beds, doggie bags, poop bags, and maybe more. dog sitting on doormat

Preparing for Your Trip

Prep for your trip will begin long before you hit the road. Before you go, get a check-up at the vet to make sure that your pet is healthy and safe for travel and that all of their shots are up to date.

Ask your vet for a certificate verifying that all vaccinations are up-to-date; this record is especially important if you are crossing borders or if you have to visit a vet on your trip.

Research vets and animal hospitals near your destination to be on the safe side and have the information handy should you need it.

Taking a road trip? Does your dog love the feel of the wind in her hair, flying care-free down the highway? Amazing! Just make sure you plan pit stops every two to four hours to give your little pal a little exercise, food and water break, and a chance to relieve outside.

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