Indigenous-Run Businesses to Support for National Indigenous Peoples Day

Indigenous-Run Businesses to Support for National Indigenous Peoples Day


This year as we celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day, we’re coming to this occasion with more perspective, largely as a result of Black Lives Matter. At Coast Hotels we’ve had some internal conversation around active allyship, and it’s with that lens that we’re approaching National Indigenous Peoples Day in 2020.

How do we amplify the voices of indigenous people? What can we do to encourage a more diverse environment? One thing we can do is give a handful a small, indigenous businesses a boost.

We’ve identified a few indigenous-run businesses that we think are pretty inspiring. We hope that by providing them with a little bit of additional profile, that more people will learn about and patronize these businesses. Awareness and financial success are a great platform for amplifying indigenous voices.

Satya Organics

proprietor Patrice Mousseau, member of Fort William First Nation

If you, or someone you know, has ever struggled with dry skin or eczema, you’ll be interested to learn about Satya Organics. This moisturizer is made of natural ingredients and soothes and restores skin. Originally developed by Patrice Mousseau to help heal her own baby daughter’s skin, this formulation has been embraced by health care workers, Hollywood A-listers, and everyone in between.

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Photo Courtesy of Satya Organics



Raven Reads

proprietor Nicole McLaren, Metis, Cree

Subscription boxes are a big deal these days, and Raven Reads provides subscription boxes with curated collections of indigenous literature and giftware. With the purchase of a subscription box, purchasers also gain access to an exclusive Facebook book club, to encourage genuine dialogue. Boxes include newly released novels and unique crafts and giftware made by Indigenous artists from around the world.

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Photo Courtesy of Raven Reads

Indigenous literature and giftware delivered to your door


Skwalwen Botanicals

proprietor Leigh Joseph, ancestral name Styawat, member of Squamish First Nation

Soaps, facial oil, bath salts and lip balms are a few of the beautiful products that Skwalwen Botanicals produces. Always in small batches, and based on traditional indigenous plant knowledge, these products are made from wild harvested plants and organics.

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Photo Courtesy of Skwalwen Botanicals

Honouring cultural plant knowledge, Indigenous science and self-care rituals


Indigenous World Winery

proprietor Robert & Bernice Louie, members of Westbank First Nation

Indigenous World Winery is located in West Kelowna, BC, and produces a variety of award-winning wines. Their location provides tastings and the opportunity for a meal at Red Fox Club Restaurant. The restaurant features indigenous inspired food with wine pairing in mind.  If you can get your hands on it, their Simo, red blend, is one of their best known, and awarded, wines.

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Photo Courtesy of Indigenous World Winery

Merging modern culture with Indigenous history


Visit these businesses online. Follow and engage with them on social media. Make a purchase. Tell a friend. Any one of these actions will help bring additional awareness and success to these businesses. 

Change doesn’t take place overnight. Change requires taking small steps, in succession, with consistency. And so we’re hoping that our small action today in honouring National Indigenous Peoples Day is but one step. One step of many to come, by many. 

Coast Hotels properties are located in western Canada and the US including Hawaii. Many of our properties are located on traditional ancestral lands, in close proximity to some of the best, and most progressive indigenous businesses. We hope you’ll seek them out on your next visit.