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Great place to stay in Whitehorse

We have stayed here many times. It is quiet, restaurants are good, and wifi is available. We have never stayed anywhere else in town, we tried to but left to come back here. We drove up once with friends and they enjoyed it also.

- mcpcmp

If we hadn't already been spoiled at a B&B this hotel would have felt better

I am rating the hotel 4 stars because it is not really their fault that we had just had an amazing 5 nights at a local bed and breakfast. Our own experience here was not even actually 4 out of 5 because of the previous place, but the room was clean and the beds were comfortable. So, from what other people would experience I am comfortable recommending this hotel. If you have the opportunity to stay outside of town to see the Aurora I think that is the ideal.

The really cute thing about HCI was that in our room we had a huge jacuzzi tub for 2 people. We were travelling with our son who absolutely loved the huge tub in the open part of the room. He said that it was the perfect tub for all 3 of us to go in. It was pretty funny, but considering this was not a romantic trip we never did use the tub.

The staff here were considerate and nice. Again, hard to compare after being pampered. They were helpful when asked and friendly when we interacted with them. If you are working in town this could be a good option for you if being central is what you need. Also, the coffee in the room was very good and the microwave and fridge were helpful.

Actually, if the hotel is reading this, we stayed in room 315. The electrical outlet was loose and we did have an issue with the fridge being disconnected and then all our food warm when we came back to the room at the end of the day. I meant to mention it while I was there, but it was just a bit busy and I forgot.

- Diane R

Clean room-Good value-Convenient location

I was in the Yukon on business and stayed at the Coast. The selection of hotels in Whitehorse is very limited. I also needed a hotel which had pet free rooms. The Coast worked brilliantly.

It is very important to give the hotel advanced notice of any allergies like this.

It seems that many visitors bring there dogs. I have allergies to dogs and this can sometimes cause a problem. The hotel room was dated and a little oddly dressed. The bed was very comfortable. Above all the room was clean, but for a body hair in the bathroom.

The room had a two person Jacuzzi bathtub. I tried running a bath, but ran out of hot water before it filled.

The restaurant was OK, but the service was lacking. The food quality was good. However, the menu was limited. The hotel bar looked like it was popular and fun. However, I did not give it a go.

It is hard to rate the Coast. It is at least a two star. I gave it three stars because it was the best of the limited options and represented good value.

- JME40

Charged me for the take out container

I have lived a one minute walk from this hotel for 8 years and often grab food to go when I don’t feel like cooking …which is often. I call in my oreder and in 10 minutes I walk there and pick it up. But that is going to change!
My BullS##T meter maxed out when the server informed me that they had to charged me $1.00 for a paper take out container. It was on my bill as an Enviro fee. This hotel is owned by Northern Vision Development This company owns 4hotels in the Yukon so I phoned one of them and asked if they charge $1 every to go order. They said no. This means that the Coast High Country Inns’ management have made this decision. That is unfortunate because I also work in Tourism and talk to 4000 people a year. They always ask me when they check in where is the closest place to get a bite to eat and a beer. And where I tell them to go they do. My answer will now be Main Street or Sanchez Cantina. I hope the dollar was worth it.

- Nancy T

Mr plow visits at 10:30

I travel to Whitehorse for work frequently, and have stayed at pretty much every hotel in town, this was my first visit to the high country inn however. Overall, an ok property (reasonably good for Whitehorse, 2 star anywhere else, no good hotels in Whitehorse really). Room is clean, if small and dated, building is old and showing its age, but appears to have been renovated in the last 5 years.

All of that is standard hotel fare for the North. What is not standard in the north is the snow removal team going to town on the parking lot at 10:15 pm in front of the building. Currently using a bobcat and and large front end loader to scrape the pavement bare or snow and ice. There was a light snow last night, but the ice has been around for a few days. It managed to penetrate my earplugs, and wake me from sleep.

After calling the front desk, the response to “why is the snow removal crew working on a hotel parking lot at 10:30″ was “well they don’t do it every night”. Well, I don’t stay at this hotel anymore.

As I fishish this review, they are still removing snow at 10:37

- spoonroom