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Double charged at this hotel!

My week -long stay at the Coast Bellevue Hotel was bought and paid for a couple of weeks before my arrival, using a popular travel website. bought and paid for.

A couple of hours after I checked in, I went online to look at my bank account. I was horrified to see that the hotel itself had reached into my account and charged me AGAIN for a week long stay that I had already paid for!

I complained about it to the desk clerk, who promised to correct the “mistake. ”

Hours later, I checked my account and almost $1000 was still missing from my bank account! What if I had an emergency and had to purchase a plane ticket with that thousand dollars?

At 2:30 in the morning, I was furious, fit to be tied. I went down and raised holy hell with that poor desk clerk who bore the brunt of my righteous fury.

FINALLY, later that day, the money was put back into my account.

BEWARE! If this happened to me, it can also happen to you.

I insisted on speaking with the hotel general manager and she avoided me and sent her subordinate to speak to me.

They did move me into the best room, which helped lessen my ire, but my stay at the Coast Bellevue Hotel was RUINED and I will never return.

- Thomas S

Family soccer turned business trip

I gave this review three starts only because I got a great room rate. If I had paid what was on the website it would have been less.
The Bad:
The rooms are from the 90s. My room had very limited outlets and one of the outlets was coming out of the wall, the bathroom had black stuff on the wall. The shower head was very old. And since I was sending more time in the room than normal for me.. I was very displeased that the TV had issues. When we first arrived the hallway and entry floors were gross, looked like no one had vacuumed in several days. I even passed a old cigarette on the floor.
The good:
The beds were very comfortable and lots of pillows. The towels were also soft and not hard like sand paper. There was also a nice breakfast in the morning, with a variety of options.

If you can get this room for the $89 dollars I did, and are going to just be sleeping then go for it.. If you are planning on spending time in the room, then I might look for another option.

- Emma509

Never Again--Worst Service Ever

This is a tired hotel desperately in need of updating. That aside, the staff needs updating and vigorous training on how to treat customers.
There was no tv in the Fitness Room. It’s really important to me to stay in shape when I’m on the road–or, at least try to. Over my 3 night stay, I complained 3 times, then quit. Why? I spoke to the manager on the 3rd trip to the registration counter. His response was a stunner. He said the tv had been stolen within the last month. When I suggested he go buy one, he said the problem was no one watches it. Really? Guess that makes me a nobody.

- Pili M

Dirty room & bathroom

Stayed one night, booked through Hotwire.

The problem with the Coast Hotel is that they apparently follow the “Bad Hotwire” rule, wherein you book via Hotwire or another discounter, they assign you to the crappiest room in the hotel. This unwritten rule is the bane of many travelers, and should be considered when booking here.

But first, the good. The location was convenient for my needs, and despite being very close to I-405 and the NE 8th St traffic catastrophe, it was mostly quiet. The staff at check-in was very friendly and efficient. Parking was ample, despite the new Chik Fil-A location next door.

As for the room, well… We were placed in the “outside” wing, towards the back, overlooking the pool area. Outside of our room was a stack of dirty room service dishes, which were there from the time of check-in (4:00 PM Wednesday) until we checked out (8:00 AM Thursday). Inside the room there was a funky stink, like that of a moldy air conditioner mixed with dirty socks. There were huge water spots on the ceiling from a leak, and the wallpaper was peeling in several places.

But the coup de gras was the bathroom, which had… physical evidence… that the toilet had not been cleaned very well, if at all. Skids, people – we’re talking skids.

So. If you’re going to end up staying here, then Buyer Beware. And if you somehow end up here via Hotwire or Priceline or something similar, then consider yourself warned, and be sure to check the facilities for proper cleanliness before settling in.

- cidbliq

Really enjoyed my room and the staff!

Very comfortable room. The staff was absolutely A-1! I will stay there whenever I am in Bellevue. It was close to restaurants and shopping. I enjoyed the food at the hotel and the free breakfast. The value is unmatched.

- Flatscreenguru