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The Benson, a Coast Hotel

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Wonderful stay!

We stayed in Portland for four days and it was a treat to return back to this wonderfully historic hotel. We had the Junior Suite which was a nice size room with a “living room” area. I really enjoyed the shampoo, conditioner, and bodywash was in pump bottles in the shower. You never ran out. They had Starbucks coffee for the in room coffee maker. You were in walking distance of many different restaurants and entertainment. We had a great view of Mt St. Helens from the room. Enjoyed the live music down in the bar area. It was a great stay

- jessicamariez

Style all the way!

Stayed here for a girlfriends night in Downtown Portland. Beautiful, classy,very friendly staff, reasonable price, great location!!! We were able to check in, walk through the Pearl District, then walk to Pioneer Square and finish with a great view of downtown Portland. Beds were very comfortable. Even got towels folded like elephants!

- deBoysPDX


i felt like a princess! the environment and the property were really good and neat. i love the lightings and furniture at the reception; i got the feeling like i was back in time to Victorian era. the bed is cosy!

will just want them to add free breakfast to guests stays here coz we are paying sooo much per night.

- busola2014

Beautiful, luxurious accommodations

Staying at the Benson was very relaxing. The rooms are beautifully decorated and well organized. Although the rooms aren’t huge (as someone else commented), they are very comfortable.

Everything is done well at the Benson. The staff was great, the ambience was very inviting, the location is very close to restaurants and stores, and the bed was oh, so comfortable.

Truly a great hotel.

- LoveEthnicCuisine

A lot good and then there's the not so good

The hotel is quite grand. I found a price online that was the cheapest of several in the area if I prepaid. I also got a junior suite with the prepaid price. I thought the room was quite nice. It’s an old hotel so the bathroom was extremely small. The windows are old, drafty aluminum so it’s VERY noisy even with ear plugs. There’s only window shades that you pull down so the room is never really dark either. The first night the shower was okay. The 2nd and 3rd night when I returned later in the week, the shower was extremely weak. Watch out as the water gets hot and cold too. On the 2nd night I heard the maid knocking on the room next to mine (doors don’t seal well) at 7 a.m. I don’t now what that was all about but it got me up for the day when I didn’t have to be up. The workout room is small but efficient. When I was leaving at 9, the maid stopped me and asked when I was checking out. She was just hanging by her cart like she couldn’t wait for people to leave so she could clean the room. Might explain why she got the lady next door up…. I had the room for the following night but the hotel showed I was checking out. I went to the front desk and they made the change. I confirmed that I had prepaid the room online for $143 a night. The clerk confirmed this and the rate. The next morning, I had planned to check out and then have a nice breakfast at the hotel since I had a long flight ahead during the lunch hour. Come to find out, the hotel was trying to charge me $156 a night. I told the young clerk that I had a confirmation for all 3 nights at $143. She was very unconcerned. I told her that the hotel had sent me email confirmations and asked her to access this information. She told me that she couldn’t and that only reservations could. I asked to speak to someone in reservations and she told me there wasn’t anyone in that day. I then asked to speak to a manager and she told me she wasn’t in. Please understand, I wasn’t angry or rude, just befuddled. I then asked to use a computer to show her the confirmation letter (I had put it in a folder on my email account.) She told me I could use the business center. So I shlepped back upstairs with my luggage to the business center. When I got there it showed that I had to use my credit card. So, I went back downstairs, told the same front clerk this and asked if there was just an easier way to get to the emails. She told me that that I had to use my credit card but it only charged me if I printed. So, I schlepped back upstairs. (BTW, the front desk was NOT busy) I found the emails but they wouldn’t download to my inbox because the internet service at the hotel is really SLOW. I wanted to be able to show the confirmations on my IPad or cellphone. Then I tried to print, but the printer was all screwed up. Now, I’m frustrated. I call down to the front desk, but it goes to reservations. Low and behold, someone answers and it’s the manager! She found the reservation and said she would credit the amount back to my card and have my invoice ready by the time I made it back downstairs. I go back downstairs and I am now upset. (this has all taken almost 30 minutes – my allotted breakfast time) and tell the front desk clerk that I had just spoken to the manager and she quickly cleared it up. The manager comes out and I tell her that this front desk clerk told me there wasn’t a manager working that day. The front desk clerk tells me that the manager was on the phone. I asked why she didn’t just tell me that and I would have waited and it all could have been cleared up. I asked why she lied to me. The front desk clerk never answered and truly didn’t seem to care. The manager said she was sorry and wanted to make things right with me so she offered me a coffee or tea. Wow, that was some offer considering the coffee and tea was right there on the counter available to anyone. I wasn’t looking for freebies, but to offer me something that was already free? The young front desk clerk had just lied to a customer and the manager did nothing about it, not to mention the accounting error they made and the maid that was trying to move guests along and out of the hotel!! Needless to say, I’m not returning to The Benson. There are quite a few other hotels in the area that I will be using for my frequent trips to Portland. Of course, I was charged the attempt to print too…..

- imtedious