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yellowknife, northwest territories

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Coast Fraser Tower

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Spacious with great views

The room was rather spacious with a functional kitchen that is very convenient when you visit in the heart of winter. The two bedroom unit we stayed in has a balcony offering a fantastic view to open up and relax your mind. As tourists who booked with Aurora village, this hotel is a short walk away from their office. Staff is mostly friendly and helpful. One off case was a younger staff only providing me with a phone number to call the cab myself when I requested a cab ride scheduled before sunrise. A later attempt with another staff when I returned from my aurora-viewing was a breeze.

Note: If you plan to fly out on the first flight, do not go to the airport too early. I arrived at the airport two hours ahead of time at 4:40 AM and the airport was not open yet while the ambient temperature was way below -20 C….

- Yang-Chieh C

Not Great

Apartment was not very clean, in fact we found clothes belonging to a previous guests still in the draws, breadcrumbs and food particles in the cutlery draw, dinner plates had residue food still on them etc. When we took the clothes down to reception and mentioned the room was not clean, we were told that it had been a very busy day and the rooms only got a “Quick Lick” but they did apologise. We also said there was no oven trays or ovenware in our room and we were told that we are meant to supply that ourselves which was frustrating as we had bought food to cook in the oven. The told us the local shop would have what we needed. I was dumbfounded when I realised we were expected to buy the oven wear but not as dumbfounded when I asked for a tea towel and dishcloth and the person at reception did not appear to know what that was and came back with a bathmat and bath towel. Actually he said just leave the dishes and the cleaners can do them the next day. We stayed three nights and on the 4th day after still not getting internet access we vacated early and went elsewhere. We were told that there was an issue and it was effecting everyone in town however we were able to connect at other places including the visitors centre and local coffee shop. While checking out another guest was complaining that it had been 2 days and the TV that had been taken away for repair had still not been returned and her phone was still not working nor of course was there any Wifi. To be fair the bed was very comfortable.

- patricia p


There are certain things that you want from a reasonable hotel. A comfy bed, a warm shower, clean room and maybe the ability to relax in front of the TV. Fraser Tower is clean and the the bed was comfy. But when we stayed in early January the TV viewers was not working and my wife nearly got scolded in the shower. When we phoned the front desk they suggested we resolved this by not having a shower and said that the do have plumbing problems on the top floor. They said housekeeping could solve this but they weren’t in yet. Housekeeping eventually arrived and came to see us. The nice lady apologised but said they did have plumbing problems. We asked for a room where we could have a shower.

No one in this hotel seemed to know what they were doing. The manager was on vacation and their was no deputy. The front desk manager had only been their a few weeks and had no clue. The housekeeping manager had only been their 2 months and tried but couldn’t solve the plumbing problems. They eventually refunded us but why did this happen in the first place and why was their no one who knew what was going on.

- Kiteperson

Very Comfortable. Good Views. Great Base.

We were a group of 5 and we spent 5 nights here. We chose to book two rooms as each room had 1 bathroom. The rooms were large with its own living area, kitchen and bedroom. I learnt later that these were once government apartments and was the tallest building in Yellowknife.

The kitchen comes fully equipped; pots, pens, cutlery, fridge, freezer, even a dish washer. There were also laundry facilitates on alternate floors. The bed was comfortable and clean, and the sofa could be converted into a bed as well. There is also a balcony but it was too cold to hang around outside (-15 to -36 Degrees Celsius) while we were there. But certainly a big plus. Since most of the activities are at night, you tend to stay in quite a bit during the day so their TVs with a long list of channels came in handy.

Before booking the hotel I had a concern about access to food cause it seems to be away from the supermarket, etc. Well turns out it was all ok. Breakfast was included and it was more than enough: muffins, bagels, bread, juice, cereal. Coffee and Tea/hot water is available 24 hours in the lobby. For our other meals we either pop by the pizzeria nearby (Bruno’s) 3 mins walk or we braved the cold and walk a little further about 15 mins to the centre of town. Alternatively you can just order delivery which we did on 2 occasions.

The biggest plus… we got to see the Northern Lights from our balcony on 2 nights. So a tip from me is every now and then when the sun goes down, go look outside the window, you never know when there is a surprise behind those curtains.

Oh one more thing, although its below freezing outside, we never once felt cold in the room. Temperature was just right. Even right after taking a shower i was not shivering from cold.

We enjoyed our stay here very much. Clean, Comfortable and Spacious. I must say that the staff here are fantastic, they are friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this hotel.

- Kleenex L

A Good Place to Stay in Yellow Knife

Hotel choices in Yellowknife are limited and everything is expensive. We found we had to adjust our expectations. We were pleased overall with the Coast Hotel though. We are Coast members and this hotel was not as nice as many other Coast hotels in Canada but the staff here were great, the room was clean, comfortable and warm (it was -40c outside!). The location was fairly convenient and we could see the Northern Lights from our room. It was like living in an older apartment building. They offered some good supper service a few times and always had a good tea and coffee selection in the lobby which is very much needed when it is that cold out! They were helpful in getting us oriented and suggesting fun things for us to do and where to eat.

- OnTheRoadAgain45888