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Safari Inn, a Coast Hotel

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Can't tell a book by its cover

Despite the retro-chic vibe outside, room interiors have experienced minimal updating. You are still staying in a somewhat tired, somewhat shabby motor court. Furnishings are cheap, TV is a Vertex, whatever that is, and small. Carpet is thin, functional, cheap motel carpet. Shampoo and conditioner from dispensers in the shower. Cleanliness, price, and location were good as long as you spend minimal time in the room. Room was quieter than I expected considering traffic on West Olive.

- Jared S

Good value

Friendly staff. Good value. Rooms are a little dated, but you don’t come to California to sit in your room. Very comfortable bed. I would stay here again. I walked across the street to the other property (the anabelle) and ate in the restaurant for breakfast. Food was mostly reasonable and good.

- Kathryn B

An Adventure In Nostalgia

I mentioned that we chose another hotel for the nostalgic aspect of it and our experience was less than exemplary. This was on the other end of the spectrum. This met and exceeded our expectations! It was so cool and kitchy. A lot of films have been made at this location, which added to the cool factor for us. Our son is very in to filming and retro living so he was especially pleased by the location. It was in a perfect spot for us, and it was really quiet inside our room. The rooms were of average or above average size, depending on what you’re used to but everything was nice and clean, crisp and fresh. I would say that the only down side to this experience was in the booking end of things. I wasn’t able to speak to the hotel directly at any point but rather I was always redirected to an 800 service. I had to pay the full amount up front, which wasn’t cheap and it was non-refundable or exchangeable. At one point, I wanted to add another day, which I didn’t see as falling into either the refundable or exchangeable category since we weren’t changing to another date all together but were only adding on an extra day. However, to add the extra day, they were going to charge me a change fee equal to the amount of the original booking! For the two nights, it would have cost me $1200! We chose to book a room at a less expensive hotel for one night instead. I wasn’t happy about that but the rules are the rules. It still didn’t take away from the experience. The only other issue and again, it had nothing to do with the hotel but the information exchange with the 800 people. I asked if Warner Brothers Studios were within walking distance and was told that it was right across the street. I may be from a town that isn’t as cool savvy as Burbank but in my town, across the street means just that. Apparently it means something different to Californians. It was an almost 15 mins drive and would have easily been a 45 mins walk or more. So not quite the “across the street” that I was looking for. Please don’t let these tiny quibbling complaints sway you away from the hotel. If you are looking for a retro experience, don’t stay anywhere else. This would be great for couple, business or families.

- oceangrlz

Kitchy and fun

Nice and clean rooms, excellent staff. Nice and nostalgic. had a wonderful rest, and will definitely return! Wife forgot her cell phone in the room, and they were great to make sure that we could retrieve it.

- magistercookus

Good experience for the price.

The Front Desk Clerks were professional and helpful. Overall I had a very positive experience. i wanted to go to a seafood restaurant and they provided with a list of places and it was quite an impressive list.

- hotelsnob2015