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Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel

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Very good layover Location for Airport

Wonderful place to stay when traveling. The park and fly option is superior. The location and atmosphere comfortable with a dining spot located next to the facility. Also close for commuting to the downtown core.

- Debbie R

Definitely need an update inside and not just the lobby area

I stayed here 5 nights just this past weekend and was neither impress nor disappointed. They’ve remodeled the lobby which looks impressive at first glance. They should definitely invest in remodeling the whole hotel inside out, the rooms are outdated, walls are thin and you can almost hear everything. The bathtub in my room had some mold stains and the floor was covered with hair. Although the carpet was a dark color and one can’t see the hairs, you’ll know they are there if you sleep on the floor which I did because the bed was too soft. The sheet I used to put on the floor was covered in lots of hair upon folding it. Housekeeping was good about tidying up the room every day although they didn’t have to do much in my room because it’s always tidy. This hotel is good for layovers and or a quick stay. The free breakfast they provide in the Oak room is laughable! Even the toast at my home is fresher than that. I wouldn’t stay here if I have to pay for my own accommodation. Despite the few cons it’s not bad if you want to stay close to the airport.

- Mai P

Really poor quality of guestrooms for Coast.

The bedrooms were in major needs of upgrades. The toilet was really noisy and kept hissing every 5 minutes all night. The bathtub was full of sand and the tiles were all cracked. All of the fixtures were at least 20 years old and worn. Looked like an old shabby hotel were they slapped on some new bed sheets and upgraded the front lobby. Also they have signs all over the parking lot (unsecured) saying park at your own risk so probably not a safe spot.

- jimmyjay9910

Complete lack of CUSTOMER Service

What can I say about this place… Wow. Begs belief.
Arrived, checked in, went upto the room and found we’d been given the keys to someone else’s room..
Not a pleasant sight to walk in on someone’s underwear and VERY VERY personal devices :-0

Now forgive me for feeling a little aggrieved but this is an airport hotel, how the hell can security be taken this lapse-y-daisy..
We proceeded downstairs to talk to the front desk ( A gentleman called Ali ) his response was completely diabolical.. No apology, no responsibility taken. All he had to say on the matter was “it’s not my fault” and blamed it on his computer.

Not the kind of response you need to reassure a paying customer of the hotels security policy.
We couldn’t leave the hotel from this point onwards for fear someone may walk into out room..

Totally disgusting and worrying in the present days of heighten air travel.

- plumb0b

Taking advantage of traveller's misfortunes

We were in Europe, and were supposed to be home and staying at the Coast Hotel on Sept 1st. However, Air Canada cancelled the flight the night before. We phoned from Frankfurt, Germany and asked that our reservation be changed to the following night when we would be in Vancouver. At that time it was 5:00 in the morning in Vancouver time September 1st, so Coast Hotel would have had lots of time to re-book our room with someone else.

We contacted Coast hotels by email when we returned and asked why we were charged again for the 2nd night, and why when we phoned from Germany they didn’t cancel our room and change it to the next night. It took them 4 weeks to reply with several emails from us requesting a response. We never did get any satisfaction.

- Eyebrow2