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Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel

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From the airport, there’s a phone booth where you can contact your hotel for your complementary transfer (if your hotel has that option). I contacted them, and after 5 minutes, the hotel van appeared. They were quite fast. They also have this service going back to airport but it runs every 30mins.

I only stayed there for a night. It was ok. Room and toilet were spacious for one person. Reception people were helpful. There were nothing much to see around the area, hence it’s quite quiet I was able to sleep well. Location is good if you want to stay somewhere close to the airport.

- miss_piaalba

Over priced

First off staff were nice. But the place is way over priced. Tv didn’t work cracks in the walls. I have been in cheap motels that were a lot better. Drop your price by $100 and maybe you will get better reviews.

Don’t waste your time with this place.


Save your money

Everything is either dirty, dates or non-functional. From being picked up in the shuttle from the airport late to arriving in the room only to find it dirty and Lord knows what on my blankets, to WiFi that rarely worked and TV that was on the fritz, my medical stay at Coast Vancouver Airport was horrible.

- Amanda L

Huge disappointment; won't stay there again

Having stayed here previously several years ago, we thought we knew what we would be finding upon our arrival. The desk clerk – who acted as though we were interrupting her schedule despite our being the only people in the lobby at the time – checked us in and keyed the room card for a single entry, not for our 3 day stay. The sink had 2 cracks in it, each roughly 3″ long and the caulking job was messy, very uneven, and pitted in places. The tub’s caulking was dirty and the shower grout appeared to have mold started in about a 6″ section of a corner, close to where it met the tub. Toilet paper was so rough we purchased some from a grocery store to use instead. When we took a blanket from the protective plastic storage container, we discovered a couple of old food remnants from prior guests. Of all the channels available on the TV, only one could reasonably be viewed with limited interruptions of the screen suddenly locking up, going to rows of off-set screen content, followed by nothing but ‘snow’ and a loud hissing sound. We could have opted for one of the on-demand channels, but didn’t want to pay the $16.95 per program cost, so their quality was unknown to us. One desk chair and 2 wooden / padded seat lounge chairs were provided; neither lounge chair could be used for safety concerns because they were so wobbly / unstable when you put any kind of pressure on them. The desk chair’s adjustment knobs didn’t work properly so adjusting it to a comfortable position was nearly impossible. Of 1 elevator’s possible 6 buttons, 2 of them were cracked, with 1 missing part of the button altogether. The only positives to this experience was the bed was average – not horrible – the AC and lights worked as expected, and the restaurant (White Spot) just inside the hotel’s entry was very good. (Restaurant staff made a point of telling us the restaurant was a completely separate business from the motel and owned by different owners.) We’d have gone elsewhere but the cost for same day bookings were too prohibitive. If you’re considering this as one of your possible choices while in Vancouver, keep looking. This place isn’t worth the money.

- T K

Quite and comfortable

Quick shuttle service, quite rooms and comfortable bedding with affordable pricing. Good coffee machine and coffee in room, bay window, great staff make this a great place to stay if you need a rest before a flight or journey. It’s about 10-13 mins away from airport

- cwiltens