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Coast Vancouver Airport Hotel

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Cheap, clean and friendly.

We stayed once again at Coast for many hepful reasons. For one, the free short ride shuttle to the airport is good. Drivers are helpful and friendly, like at front desk.
Second, it is a cheap place to stay to get an early flight and there is a lot of buses to catch on Oak Street to go downtown or to the Vandusen garden, Vandusen garden is only 15 min bus ride from Hotel,
Shuttle, the info booth at the airport will call the Shuttle for you, this is easy and without any difficulty, that shuttle ride every half hour and hour on the hour,
The restaurant in the lobby has great selection of menu for children, food is good there as well.

- poirierstephan

cheap room near the airport.

We stayed here because we had an early flight to catch and didn’t want to spend much for the few hours we’d be in our room.
The options were pay more than $100 a night for a nice hotel, sleep in the airport , or try the Coast.
We caught the shuttle from YVR, make sure you call them. We stood in the shuttle pick up area for about 20 minutes watching all the other hotel shuttles come and go before we decided to call. They told us they only pickup if someone calls. Shuttle driver showed up about 15 minutes later.
He didn’t help load our luggage in the back, just opened the door and stood there.
He was also perhaps the worst driver I’ve ever had the displeasure to be in a vehicle with. But anyway…
The hotel check in was quick and courteous.
Our room was old and dated. Not the cleanest, but not in a disgusting way. Dust bunnies hang from the ceiling. Carpet is stained.
Overall the room was cheap and ok for the 6 ish hours we were there.
We caught the shuttle back to the hotel at 5am. Different driver this time, and much better experience.
I’d probably stay here again if the price is right, although I fly out of YVR early again in a few weeks and I’m going to sleep in the airport. If the Coast hotel left a better impression on me, I’d be staying there on my upcoming trip. I won’t avoid this place, but it’s no place I’d rush back to.
If you need a room near the airport to catch an early flight, don’t want to pay much, and just need a no frills place to sleep and take a shower, than this place is ok.

- Jay S

Excellent value and comfortable beds

Excellent value for a jumping off place to or from your trip at YVR. Comfortable beds and friendly staff helped answer any concerns. Would certainly recommend the Coast hotel to my friends traveling to Vancouver who are catching an early or late flight. Their free airport shuttle takes the stress out of transportation concerns.

- TrapperDann

There is no shuttle unless you're there to ask !!!

The hotel is close to the airport and that’s why we picked this one.
Since it says in their website that it’s free shuttle I asked them to pick me up at the airport. I never had any response to my email.
When I got there by other means, and asked them what happened to the email, they only said:
“we work on shift. so when I start I’m supposed to think that the person before me responded to all emails otherwise he would have told me”.
I can’t believe it to be true. It means that they don’t have any respect for people to care less to give a response.

So we asked for a shuttle when leaving for the airport. We were told that we need to be at the reception 30min before leaving for the airport to call the shuttle. because it’s not available anytime and needs to be planned at least 30min in advance.
We wanted to leave at 4pm. So we asked them to call the shuttle in advance so when we came at 4pm it would be there. No no no, they said you have to be here physically at 4pm.

That’s nonsense.
But we still had to do it. When we went at 3.30pm (30min before the time we wanted to leave) and asked for the shuttle.
It came straight away, we didn’t have to wait 2 min.

I explained the situation to the driver. The nonsense to ask people to be physically there 30min before the time we wanted to leave.
He was surprised and chocked by what I said !!!
He told me that these people at the reception as new and obviously they don’t know anything. He said he will report to the direction.
He seemed very honest and willing to improve things in the future.

Though, when I read the other review I suppose that wasn’t true !!! and they still continue to be very disappointing !!!

The thing is the hotel is good and comfortable but the service is so bad that this hotel doesn’t deserve to claim free shuttle.

- rose m

The Great Staff Makes The Difference

This is a very basic hotel. It is a little run down. But, the staff is so friendly & accommodating. We arrived at YVR a day earlier than expected. We got confused with the time zone. We called the hotel & explained the situation. There was no problem changing our booking date. Their airport shuttle came out immediately & took us to the hotel. The night clerk was very friendly & welcoming. The beds were comfy, the shower was hot & had lots of pressure, & the room was very quiet. The next morning, we were taken by the shuttle service to Seair for our flight to Vancouver Island. We will be staying at this hotel, again very soon. You can not beat the Coast Airport for service.

- Condu