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Coast Surrey Guildford Hotel

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Stayed for one night and that was enough. The hotel was doing renovations there was drywall dust and drywall mud all over the carpet in the hallway. There were wires hanging out of the walls. Did not feel safe as didn’t know if the wires were live or not. You would think that they would renovate one floor at a time. We were on the second floor and when we walked down to the restaurant on the first floor same thing. Now for the restaurant, I ordered breakfast, bacon, eggs, toast and hashbrowns. First I got the toast and bacon, then I had to ask her for the eggs, got the eggs and had to ask her for the hashbrowns. It was like a three course meal. Never again will we stay at this hotel.

- Lucy0705

it's just about ok - could be better

We relocated from Quebec to BC and the company that brought our stuff here managed to take more than 3 weeks to do that, so we had to stay in a hotel for much longer than we were planning to. After a couple of days in the hotel situated on the opposite side of the road (Holiday Inn) we moved to the Coast Surrey Giuldford. The hotel is clean and the rooms are big and kept clean and tidy. We’ve had some troubles with the heat/ cold system – the old air conditioning unit was the only thing heating the room and it wasn’t that easy to maintain a comfortable temperature, day and night. It was November, so we had to juggle between hot and cold and so on. The coffee in the room is … well… not really drinkable. I bought some and used mine. Breakfast options are really, really limited – I think they had two sorts of cereals, potatoes, scrambled eggs and sausage, toast, PB, jelly and some fruits, milk and coffee and a few sorts of tea every day. My kid loved the sausage, he would ask me to give him some at school for dinner (we had to live in the hotel, with my 10 yo going to school and stuff, for a little more than a couple of weeks…), but if you’re not lucky enough to love the sausage, you don’t have that many options. It’s true that there are two Tim Hortons at 3 minutes by car, in two different directions.
The hotel has a small exercise room with a few machines and a hot tub that’s outside and that was open and functioning all the time we were there.
The hotel’s restaurant is not such a great option. We went there one day for lunch then we looked for other options (plenty of them around Guildford Mall or even in the Mall).
On a Saturday evening the hotel would smell funny from what some of the guest were smoking in their rooms and I think a couple of times I saw someone buying stuff. On the other hand, we never, not for one second, had any trouble at all with anyone. People were polite and they would smile and the employees would help with anything they can. I can’t say that it was a pleasant experience, and it was worsened because of our situation which was frustrating and emotional, but it was an almost decent place to stay for the time we had to, at a decent price. If you don’t mind paying more and/ or you do mind but you are not forced to stay in a hotel for so long, just for a couple of days or so, you might want to try the Holiday Inn across the road.

- Ioana_D_Canada

Great for Teams

I stayed here with provincial athletic teams (3 teams,55 people in total) and the hotel did a wonderful job of accommodating us all and making sure there was enough food at the breakfast. The new restaurant is a lot better than the previous abc country.

- santonika

horrible experience !! Do not recommend

So I had stayed at this hotel and paid for a suit with a couch, and King sized bed when I had arrived we got a very small room at an expensive rate. I stayed at this hotel several times before so I am aware that the room was much smaller and we were not given what we were told. Our bed sheets had been previously stained we had to remove them. I had contacted the cost by email regarding this unpleasant stay and they had failed to reply, clearly they do not care to much about quality of service. This is the second time there was a problem while staying here the first was when we had been charged for a smoking fee when my husband had simply threw a package in the garbage we talked to the manager and she had apologized for the misunderstanding, but after being dissapointed twice in a row I will not be revisiting nor do I recommend this hotel. The service is horrible rooms are not clean, and you do not often get what you pay for as our room was not what we had payed for. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOTEL! Stay clear of it!!

- ashhhh108


I booked this through an online booking that was paid in full before I stayed. One of the reasons i chose the hotel is my familiarity with the chain and the fact it said I would not have to pay a deposit. When I arrived at the hotel I was asked for a credit card and I asked if it was just for incidentals and was told i had to pay a $200 deposit. I advised her that i was told i wouldn’t have to and she just shrugged and took my card. I asked her if it was a charge or hold and she assured me it was a hold and would be cleared in 24 hours. I asked her if she was sure because my husband needed to use the card. She confirmed and put through the charge. In fact she charged me and it will take 5 days to be reversed, my husband was not pleased and it altered his vacation plans.

When i got into the room it looked great but smelled as if someone had just gone to the bathroom . Very gross! I just assumed the room had recently been cleaned and the maid had used the facilities. I got changed and went for a swim….the pool was very dirty but the hot tub was nice so I spent most of my time there!

I was starving so I went back to my room to shower and change and as I walked into the bathroom it became clear what was making the smell…a HUGE soaking wet spot on the carpet. I put down a towel and it came away yellow and brown and green. I covered it up with the bath mat towel and went for dinner. I sprayed some spray to reduce the odour as it was already late and I didn’t want to hassle with a room change since it was only one night.

I went over to the bar and when i walked it there was a man sitting by the door and a young girl at a bar stool. I said hello and walked over to the greeting station and waited after 5 minutes the waitress stopped talking to the other patrons and came over to seat me. She gave me a menu and came back about 45 seconds later and asked if i knew what i wanted and i said no i would need another 2 minutes. She went and stood behind the bar texting, i tried to flag her down again the young girl at the bar looked up at me and went back to her phone and the man smiled at me and kept watching the football game. about 10 minutes later she came up and asked if I was ready and i placed my order, she took it to the young girl at the bar who turned out to be the chef and came back to tell me she had to make a substitution as they were out of rolls for the beef dip. Service was pretty slow and when the waitress finally returned she dropped the food on my table while talking on her cell phone, when i tried to catch her attention she walked away apologizing to the person on the phone because i interrupted her. It took me another 18 minutes (yes I timed it) to get her attention so that i could get napkins and cutlery. The food was disgusting, the beef smelled spoiled and the fat was still white (not cooked properly). I left with out eating more than a handful of fries.

Oh the gentleman at the door watching the game…he was the manager.

I have stayed at several Coast Hotels in the past and always had a wonderful experience, I was stunned. The one plus though? The bed! Always comfortable and you get a wonderful selection of both soft and firm pillows so every is happy!

I may stay at another Coast but I am just not sure after this experience!

- Twasney