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coast chilliwack hotel

chilliwack, british columbia

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Coast Chilliwack Hotel

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Great Hotel for Sporting Events

We have been staying at this hotel for over 5 years now, twice a year for our sporting events. With the amount of kids that we have on these weekends the hotel staff is great with them. I have personally worked with their Sales Manager Tracey Byron for a couple of years now and she has always bent over backwards to accommodate our needs. The Hotel has always been very clean and the food great. We have now made the Coast Chilliwack our Host Hotel for our National Weekends.

- JF1996

Great staff and pricing. Catering event was well run and executed as planned. Thank you very much

Recently stayed at this hotel for a few nights and had an event. Rooms were updated and modern and staff was very helpful and courteous. Prestons was a very nice and casual restaurant with very good food and the servers were prompt and very friendly. Our catering event couldn’t have gone any better. Everything went flawlessly and everything went just as planned. Everyone left happy and enjoyed themselves. The staff and catering team were very prompt and kept the room tidy throughout the event. Everyone loved the food and drinks and i couldn’t have planned it to go better than it did. Everything that was planned do the event met or exceeded my expectations and i will definitely be booking events here in the future! Thank you to the coast hotels and all your staff!

- JordanC1982

Poor catering of Celebration of Life

We stayed at the Coast at the end of October / beginning of November. The rooms were clean and the front desk staff was very helpful. We were staying at the hotel as my Dad was very ill and in the hospital. He did pass away and we decided to have his Celebration of Life at the Coast since pretty much the whole family was staying at the hotel. My brother and his wife chose the food and beverages to be served. We were given a discount on the rental of the room since there were so many of us staying at the hotel. Well, we had the Celebration. As I stood and watched the food brought out, I was initially impressed. There was 1 platter of sandwiches, 1 platter of veggies, 1 tray of meatballs, 1 tray of samosas and 1 tray of fruit. There was also tea and coffee, as well as a cash bar. Previously we had settled on an amount of food to serve 75 people, as we were unsure as to how many people would attend. About 30 mins after the food was brought out I went to go get a plate of food for myself. There were only a couple of sandwiches left, some veggies, NO meatballs, 2 samasos and a small amount of fruit. I was shocked that not a thing had been replenished. There is absolutely NO possible way we had received the amount of food we were charged for. We were told there would be 1.5 sandwiches for each person, so 112.5 sandwiches. (I do realize the sandwiches would be smaller than the average sandwich.) There is no possible way that there were that many served!!!! Only 1 platter was brought out. Our family feels like we were taken advantage of in a time where our family is suffering from the very large loss of our Dad. We were charged approx $2600. We complained to the manager and she said she would remove the room rental charge of $350. PLEASE?!!! Seriously, I looked over the bill after we left and I said to my brother, “Why were we charged for apple and orange juice? Because there wasn’t any there!” We were charged for 6 dozen meatballs, 6 dozen samasos, 1 veg tray, 1 fruit tray, and sandwiches to serve 75 people, as well as apple and orange juice. The only thing that we actually definitely had was the fruit and veggies. To top it off, when there was servers in the room they were pulling plates of food from people as they were eating?! Absolutely ridiculous! So, someone complained to the front desk staff because his plate of food was snatched away as he was taking a bite of his sandwich. After his complaint , there was no staff to be found anywhere, except for the bartender.
I feel like our family was truly taken advantage of at a very sad time. Such a horrible feeling! My complaint is ONLY with the catering of our event. The hotel staff was very friendly and helpful knowing why we were staying at the hotel. My advice, DO NOT have an event catered by the hotel!

- 123Ladybug123

Great service. Fantastic room.

Stayed for a business meeting. Super friendly staff at the front desk. Clean, comfortable rooms and a great in hotel restaurant. The food there was great, I loved the breakfast potatoes ! Highly recommend staying here if you have any reason to be in the chilliwack area.

- Karen B

Clean Hotel, but issues with room

First of all we would like to recognize an awesome server named Paige in Prestons, who went out of her way to provide us with excellent service, always with a smile.
Also, Ashaya our Turn Down Service Attendant, who was very diligent in helping us with our TV issues. She went out of her way to help us out, and was extremely respectful to our concerns and very friendly. These 2 girls deserve recognition.
Issues we experienced are, poor lighting in room, small bathrooms, and the Televisions ( Flat Screen) are not user friendly. We had to call for help twice. The service really needs upgrading, the quality is poor. It was very much appreciated that Beth at the front desk offered us a movie to watch on the house.

- Lorna R