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Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre

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If you're thinking about staying here, don't

I typically do not leave negative reviews but the issues i have experienced with this hotel warrent a warning to fellow travellers. We booked our room through Hotwire, a site that I have had relitave good luck with. The Hotwire rating was three stars, well above what this hotel deserves. The hotel staff claim they are in the middle of a Reno, however it looks to me they are mearly repairing broken fixtures. The elevators don’t work, there is paint splotches on the walls, the rooms are dirty and dated, the pool is our of order, the ice machine doesn’t work, and the air conditioning hardly works. I booked this hotel expecting to use the shuttle service to the airport but have changed my mind due to their complete lack of quality in the hotel. Since I booked through Hotwire separately for each night, I was told I would need to get a new key during the second day. When we returned for the day, they could not find our booking and told us they thought we had checked out. Our possessions were remaining in the room and for a half hour they tried it sort things out. Finally she gave me a key and told me she would sort it out after I got in my room. Second trip up the one elevator in service (which takes forever) and the new key I was given didn’t work. So back down I had to go. All in all, it took me an hour to get into my room.

I have stayed in many hotels for both business and pleasure. I wish I paid $50 for a cheap motel. At least then I could expect such a terrible experience. I would definitely not recommend this Hotel to anyone.

- MSmith1526

The good and the less good

After calling from the Calgary airport, the hotel shuttle picked us up quickly and dropped us at the hotel, free of charge. From the reviews, we were warned that the renovations were underway. Luckily we got a room on the 3rd floor, so we could use the stairs, since it took a long time for the elevator to come. The room was clean but dated and the ongoing face lift is really needed. It’s also not as soundproof, since we were able to hear the kids in the next room yelling. The complimentary breakfast was excellent. Variety of foods and good quality. Since we don’t have a car, we opted to take the c-train. The Marlboro train station is about 15 min away by foot and a downtown ride takes about 25 min. The Calgary zoo was even closer. I would come again if I had a car and since I heard that downtown parking was highway robbery. Parking at the hotel was free. Without car I think I would choose a hotel closer to downtown. Walking to the train was too far. In conclusion this is a family and pet (yes pets) oriented hotel. It will be fabulous once the renovations are done, but unless you want to put up with the inconveniences, choose another hotel. I had a good stay at the hotel.

- pliem50

Would not return.

I was here for a 4 night visit.

It too 3 rooms before I could find a room that was inhabitable.

The first room had Cheetos and popcorn on the floor, someone’s nail clippings on the desk chair, and to top it off, the fridge didn’t work. I asked for a new room.

The second room was “ok” until I went to enjoy the view, only to find that my feet were getting soaked from a leaking air conditioner at the window. I again asked for a new room.

The third room I finally settled for. And for all this trouble, they offered me a free drink voucher. Wow! A whole cost to them of less than a buck for my troubles of moving rooms two times!

The décor and furniture are very outdated. Noise from the hallways comes right into the suite which makes for a less than relaxing stay.

Also they are doing renovations which only left one elevator which takes forever to come! Being on the 7th floor using the stairs was not an option. They post a sign at the elevator that states “taking the stairs is good for the heart”. I didn’t come to a hotel for a stair master workout!

I also ordered room service for breakfast and I have to say that I wish I went to McDonalds instead. I have had better hospital food. Everything was very bland and was cold when it arrived. It also came with cooked frozen sausage patties instead of actual sausages. To be fair, I revised the menu and it did indeed state “patties” but seriously what place other than fast food serves frozen food!

I wish I could say something nice but I guess the only thing that was nice was that the maintenance staff were very polite.

Using renovations is no excuse if the prices do not reflect this.

I suggest finding somewhere else.

- Dan C

We stayed here 2 weeks ago

Me and my friends were here for vacation and also a photo shoot. Outside the city is full of nature especially in Banff. Tommy checked us in and gave us a couple things we could do in the city. He was great to talk to and made us all laugh! Wish he could of came out that night and partied with us!! Only problem was no air conditioning.

Also, this hotel has a night club but I don’t think it was opened. We went to the city center anyways and had an awesome night.

We are back in Calgary today but unfortunately wont be staying at this hotel since were booked into a different hotel.

- Tasha L

Worst Hotel Ever

This is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in this city. Yes.. the hotel is cheap but the quality of rooms is cheapest. Old ripped carpet, 80′s themed washrooms, NO HVAC, rooms above 26 degrees, worst staff.. cant imagine this is hotel is running.

Elevators were not working, we had to take stairs to 5th floor with luggage and kids. Next day my daughter was slammed by no-sensor elevator and management ignored this issue.

After noticing the room condition, we decided not to eat in the restaurant.

Good Job Guys… keep it up.

- Inderpreet S