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Coast Plaza Hotel & Conference Centre

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Nice Stay Marred by Lousy Check-In

I would love to give this 5 stars. Not the greatest area, but pretty convenient. Easily accessible.

We arrived a couple of hours early…we drove in from Edmonton, and visibility was poor, the roads were drenched, and we had a sick kid in the car. Again, 2 hours early…not 6 hours. The parking lot was empty.

When I approached the desk to check in, I was told by the clerk (a tall, thin woman) that the room was not ready. I explained that I had a sick kid in the car, and asked how long it would be. She shrugged, and said it was not clean. Again, I asked how long…please note that I was very polite. She said to try back in an hour or two. So, at the regular check in time.

There was not even an attempt to find a different room as an alternative. Or even some sort of suggestion…I’d have been okay with a “we’ll have someone clean the room asap, do you mind having a seat and waiting…” The attitude was absolutely that we were not her problem…we ended up packing ourselves off through the rain again and visiting a mall for 90 minutes. Again…the parking lot was empty; there was not another patron in sight, and this is not a small place.

The second check in clerk was super nice, friendly, and smiling warmly, and checked us in without hassle…that was great. Full credit to her…it might have been a whole different review if we had spoken to her earlier.

The room turned out to be really nice. The only problem was a wobbly toilet, which we lived with. The pool was fun, the internet was fast, and the overall hotel was great. The cleaning staff did the cutest things with the kids toys while we were out…really, above and beyond and I commend them.

I stay in Calgary often…to be honest; as this hotel is kid friendly I’d have loved to make it my Calgary go-to. I realize that check in is at 3 and we arrived at 115 or 130…and I realize that you’re under no obligation to accommodate early arrivals, and had the right to tell us to come back. But I’ve checked in early at busier places, or been asked to wait at busier places, and never felt dismissed…so I’ll be going back to those places, knowing that even if we can’t be accommodated immediately, we’ll be treated with respect…even an offer to phone when the room is ready goes a long way.

- Alan B

Bad Experience

First visit and stay at Coast, but certainly not be repeated. Hotel really dated and the in house Bistro was terrible to say the least. First and last time to stay at this establishment. Location certainly not the best and much more opportunities available at similar cost.

- soloaw


The hotel has a good location! Food was good!
The Front Desk was not very friendly, especially a clerk by the name of Jonathan, he was extremely rude and did not know how to speak with a guest. He should be re trained as a front desk personnel!!

- alnver

Excellent stay

We have stayed at the Coast on a number of occasions whenever we travel to Calgary. It is a great hotel with very friendly and knowledgeable staff at a reasonable rate. Great ameneties at the hotel as well.

- gulnarj

Great hotel...well worth the stay!!!

Close to everything, the extreme air jump park, malls, red lobster, olive garden…everything is close by. The hotel also offers different packages such as zoo, or amusement park passes, free buffet breakfast and movie and snack baskets….overall great place!!!

- dnccoughlin