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Coast International Inn

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Fine for a day or two

A group of 8 of us stayed here one night while passing through. The location near the airport and rust’s flying service is great. It’s not really close to anything else. A taxi is definitely required to get downtown. Nothing was really within walking distance. The room was okay, smelled heavily of smoke but left the window open a couple hours and it improved. The attached restaurant piper’s offered great food and drink. If you need a convenient place to stay overnight near the airport it will do. If you will be in anchorage much longer I would probably look elsewhere closer to downtown.

- greyparrotowner

Overpriced and outdated

My husband and I weren’t looking for anything fancy when we booked this hotel. It was just an easy stop off point and we wanted a hotel close to the airport.

This is probably its saving grace – it’s close to the airport and the bus stops if you wanted to go anywhere else. It is by a nice lake too if you wanted to walk round there.

It is very outdated. The carpets look like they need a steam clean or to be pulled up and replaced. There is an overriding dank smell everywhere and even though it says no smoking, I swear I could smell some in some parts – it probably used to be smoking in the past. The corridors were filled with dirty cups and plates left outside of rooms but didn’t seem to be cleared up very often! When we entered our room, the bed was not made up and there was a pile of dirty sheets next to the bed on the floor. We reported this to the front desk and went out for a bit – thankfully when we got back we had a made up bed with clean sheets. The bed was okay – apparently it was new, so maybe they’re starting to refurbish the place. The bathroom was fine.

It is no way worth the price that you pay in any shape or form.

The restaurant/bar next door is good and very friendly and I would happily recommend that.

- Ems M

Piper's was great but hotel terrible- please read

First off let me say that I hate to give a bad review but this hotel needs help!!

The professional photos must have been photo shopped big time. I will do a list :

Outside appearance is poor and run down, and not any better inside. The carpet is disgusting and the worst is yet to come but wait for it, wait for it!!! We were on the second floor next to and above the laundry rooms. MISTAKE! The walls and bed shook while they were doing laundry. Unfortunately, I was sick and was in bed most of the time there. This leads to the worst… my boyfriend told the maid to come on in and clean our bathroom and not worry about the rest due to me being in bed. I watched her clean the toilet with the toilet brush and then proceed to sit the conasister it was in on the sink counter, clean the sink with the toiet brush and then if that wasnt bad enough wipe the sink out with a towel and the entire counter …spreading germs galore. I’m almost postiive she cleaned the shower with the brush also, but did not actually see it! I write this to warn people…I could only think about what if people with children bathe their children in this or how many people may drop their toothbrush in the sink….Unacceptable…..The mgr of housekeeping apologized and seemed embarressed and refunded us one night, but they should pay people to stay there. The reviews seem to be falling on deaf ears of the manager here. I would sugggest that the manager of Piper’s in the building take over the hotel as well. He obviously knows what he is doing based on the excellent food, service, and staff there.

- msfixit615

Scrapes an average

Plus points, three – very very close to the airport, great for arrival and departure; lively sports bar next door; nice walk around Lake Hood adjacent.

Negatives – don’t expect any kind of customer service; don’t expect it to have been decorated at some time this century (at least the bathroom was clean); in fact don’t have any expectation.

You takes your choice.

- Ali921

Just about Average

Stayed here a few nights upon arriving into anchorage (via small plane) from the Lower 48. Booked this hotel via Priceline and it was luck-of-the-draw. It was adequate accommodations, but nothing to brag about. Lots of construction in and around the parking lot. Rooms just clean enough to not complain about. Seems to be an old apartment complex that is now a hotel. Wouldn’t necessarily recommend, but don’t be too freaked out if you end up here from Priceline, Hotwire, etc.

- BradJBenson