Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre

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hotel & conference centre - canmore, alberta

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Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre

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Less expensive and close to Banff

this is an average hotel located on the main boulevard of Canmore, a small vilage about 15 minutes away from Banff. The hotel has nothing special but is located not too far from the main street of Canmore where you can find a few interesting restaurant. I highly recommend a morning run by the river. The trail is a little difficult to find but is worth it.

- Guillaume M

Friendly staff

The hotel is very easy to find, can’t miss it! At least, when you have the correct papers, we had booked with Radisson and wheren’t informed that the hotel changed to Coast so it took a while before we found the hotel.

However, back to the hotel, when we checked-in the lady at the front desk was really busy and alone, however despite all the questions and things-to-do she stayed very friendly and polite.

The room was very spacious and clean, they have the same mattresses that Radisson offers. Mattresses where you can choose the hardness you like the best, so no more to hard/soft mattresses.

The hotels location is excellent, it is close to highway 1 (but not to close) and close to the city centre. Also it is only a 20min drive to Banff.

A lot of great and beautiful places (cities and nature) are close to the hotel and easy to reach with a car.

- Martijn86

Disappointment abounds

First off I want to point out that the staff was friendly and helpful, that however, is the best thing I can say about this sub-par and overpriced hotel. I do understand that many believe that a hotel for $250 is inexpensive and that one should expect a mediocre accommodation. I do not. After double booking or overbooking we arrived to be told that our only reason for our stay there (a balcony/patio) would not be available. The lady who took my reservation assured me a number of times that we would definitely get a room in which we might enjoy a glass of wine and nice view on a semi/private patio. If the reservation was made last minute I would have understood. Our reservations were made a month and a half in advance with plenty of time to look elsewhere for better suited accommodations. Reservations aside…The room smelled horrible. The air conditioner was left on high, on an already cool day, and there was chewing gum stuck all over the top of it. House keeping took no pride or care in their job as our room appeared to have been give only a quick ‘once over’. Nothing in the bathroom was arranged nicely and there was no toilet paper on the roll. The beds were so hard and uncomfortable that had the floor not had so many stains, I would have slept on it instead. In addition to this, we found out that the hot tub was out of order only after we were in our bathing suites and looking at it. This is the first bad review I have ever given. I am not sure if I should have expected less but this was my 11th wedding anniversary and our first night away from children in quiet some time. we had planned a weekend of golf and relaxation and I feel that this hotel experience stole from us. We loved Canmore and the town but would NEVER recommend this hotel EVER!

- DuncanMcLeish

The Coast has cut a lot of corners and the quality has gone down hill.

We were looking forward to our stay at the Radisson in Canmore and were prepared to try the new coast ownership. From the second we arrived it was obvious the quality was significantly poorer for the same cost. The lineup was huge as they only had one person working the desk during prime check in time. The sleep number bed was broken and one side lost pressure throughout the night creating a horrible sleep. Breakfast buffet was sub par and noticeably poorer quality. When we checked out (again only one person working and a ridiculous lineup) I drew the broken bed to their attention and told them I had a bad nights sleep. No apologies or anything! The clerk just said “Yah.”. Brutally disappointed.

- LisaKnechtel

ok for the price

The price is reasonable.

The staff is friendly.

Good location to walk downtown (approx 10minutes).

There was a horrible smell to the room. The pictures looked better than the actual room.

The beds were the worst part. Sleep number and they did not work properly.

Room service only goes until 10pm.

We slept in one day (out by 10:30 am) and put up the room service sign, but the room did not get cleaned.

Mediocre at best.

- Rebekah B