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Coast Canmore Hotel & Conference Centre

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Run down but with potential.

The staff was excellent and when I made my concerns known, they were happy to help. The building is run down and the bathrooms are unappealing with the pipes showing underneath, and what looks like home carpentry in use. The room was cold with no extra blankets available- I had to use the quilt from the other bed even after turning up the heat. I was part of a conference and I don’t eat bread, and I let them know that ahead, yet breakfast consisted of mainly pastries, so I went to A&W for eggs. The next day, after mentioning this, they made sure they had eggs for me. Many continental breakfasts include hard-boiled eggs as a selection so I’d suggest they make that change. They were understaffed for our formal dinner Friday night and plates took hours to be cleared and they ran out of dessert. Despite all of this, the price was very reasonable, the staff was friendly and helpful and the overall experience was good for the price.

- KatAdv

Wouldn't choose to stay here again.

I had a lot of trouble getting a synthetic pillow and comforter since down/feather create problems for me. It took me 3 asks, to both housekeeping and the front desk, over a 12 hour period for this to finally get dealt with. The ‘high-speed’ wireless internet was anything but high-speed. The room I stayed in did not have either a mini fridge or microwave – I thought these items were pretty standard now. My room also had a ‘sleep number bed’. When I could get the remote to work I tried various settings only to discover that these beds are really uncomfortable no matter what # you set it at. Lastly, the bathroom had a mildewy smell to it.

Overall the service from staff was average to below average. I would have thought that a tourist destination like Canmore would have higher standards.

- AlanLH13

Great service, decent price and room but lack of cleanliness

I like the fact that most rooms now are equipped a small microwave and a mini fridge. Service was great, room was spacious and generally clean. The problem is I realized after sitting for a while on my bed that there were quite a few pubic hairs on the bedspread. I was a bit disgusted so I did a little spot check in the bed and sheets were fine. I know I can be picky but I am also tolerant if it’s not a 4-5 stars, but I am still not expecting this kind of thing in a 3 stars hotel. Wifi was working way better than other hotels I stayed in Canmore and coffee is not bad (Starbucks).

- Chrisgblr

Reasonable place for overnight stay

We have frequently stayed at this hotel when Canmore was a reasonable stopover on trips from Alberta to BC. This trip was for the purposes of a Conference and in that respect it was fine. Service is generally good, friendly and reasonable for this type of hotel. The hotel is showing it’s age and renovations are underway reflecting it’s recent change from a Radisson Hotel to part of the Coast chain of hotels. The room was comfortable and clean – comparable to other hotels of this type and scale. It has easy access to the Trans-Canada Highway and to downtown Canmore. I found the bed and room, generally comfortable; although had considerable difficulty discovering the free wifi with an ipad, iphone and mac air computer. When I did find it and connect the signal was weak and would be lost from time to time. Given the ongoing renovations and general age of the hotel (and the weak wifi) I felt the price was a little high – a discount for the inconvenience might have been appropriate.

- Jim L

Pricy for experience

The hotel is currently under renovations so hopefully they will be taking care of some of these issues.
Good: The front desk staff is super friendly and allowed us to check in a little early.
The room was very clean. I did a thorough inspection and have very high standards.

Bad: The second floor is gross… Carpet needs to be shot, burned then buried.
The beds are rock hard. We joked that sleeping on the floor would provide a better sleep.
On the first night we stayed at the hotel we tried to go to the steakhouse. We stood and waited to be seated for about 5 minutes and we couldn’t see or hear anybody in the restaurant. When the host arrived he advised us that there would be at least a 45 min wait as they are serving a large table. 1 table…. Was shocked and pretty upset that we had to find other restaurant after 5 hours of driving.
Hot tub is under reno as well. Would have been a nice feature after much driving and stiff bodies.
Probably will not stay here again as it was pretty pricy for the experience.

- Genee C